AD/Gifted | Geemarc Wake 'N' Shake Dynamite Alarm Clock & Shaker Review

Sunday, 17 May 2020

I was intrigued when Geemarc contacted me recently to see if I'd like to try out one of their alarm clocks as it didn't appear to be like the typical one that you'd have on your bedside table. This one is designed for those who often sleep through their alarms or are much more likely to keep snoozing until they finally make it out of bed. It has added functionality that combines audio, visual and motion to give the best chance of waking you up in the morning. The clock is a good size that makes it really easy to read the time, whether this is in the day or at night. It has a USB port on the back that can be used to charge your phone, or other items, which comes in hand particularly if you are limited on plug sockets near your bed. The alarm built into the clock is VERY loud. 95dB at 1 meter away to be exact, which is roughly the equivalent of a motorcycle engine being turned on. If you sometimes don't hear your alarm in the morning, I'm pretty sure this one will wake you up!

Around the edge of the clock face there is a red lamp that can be programmed to three different brightness levels using the dimmer switch on top. The first of the three photos above shows the lamp at a low level, the second photo at mid and the third one at high. This lamp setting comes in really useful if you wanted to have some ambient light during the night, and the different brightness levels allow you to tailor this to how much light you want depending on the positioning in your room. For the alarm function you are able to programme this to one of five different settings; Off, Vibration, Ringer + Vibration, Vibration + Flash or Ringer + Vibration + Flash. This means you can choose how you'd like to be woken up and this is super easy to see what setting you have it on by looking underneath the time of the clock at the three icons, one for each function. For reference, all of the settings were turned on for the alarm in the three images above which is why all three icons are lit.

Setting the clock and alarm is done via the buttons on top of the device as well as being able to test the functions. The large button is used as the snooze button and also to amend the lamp brightness. It doesn't take long to set everything up and altering the settings is quick and easy which is great for if you wanted to change up your wake up method and time. You can adjust the duration of the alarm for up to one hour, and choose the snooze setting from five minutes up to sixty minutes. The volume and tone control can be set to one of three different levels, and you can change the vibration control to one of two levels so you can play around with this until you find the right balance.  

Connecting your clock to the power is done via one cable that goes into the back of the unit. If you are wanting to have the vibration option enabled this has a separate cable that connects the shaker into another slot in the back. This circular device can be placed near your clock and will vibrate rapidly if you have chosen this setting for your alarm. As you can see from the photos above, this bounces around quite significantly and the hard plastic casing makes a substantial rattling sound on your bedside table. If you are a really deep sleeper, using this in addition to the sound and light should ensure you are awoken. I have definitely found the Geemarc Wake 'N' Shake Dynamite Alarm Clock useful to help me get up in the mornings and like how you can tailor the three functionality settings to choose what you would like your alarm to do. If you are someone who does tend to struggle hearing their alarm or is often tempted to ignore it and you want to start getting up when you should be, it would be well worth giving this alarm clock a try!

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