Exploring My Creative Side

Friday, 24 January 2020

I touched a little bit on trying to be more creative in my 2020 Resolutions Post as an area I wanted to pursue this year. Being creative is something I've dabbled with on and off for a number of years. I used to do pottery classes when I was younger and really enjoyed it and actually produced some pieces I was proud of. Since then I've been into photography, started this blog and began doing the odd few art activities. I haven't given as much time to creative activities as I'd like as I've overlooked this as a useful and enjoyable outlet. In the past few months, I've made the effort to try more out and give myself time to do this.

In the run-up to my wedding, myself and Laura have designed and created our own wedding invites from scratch. We first decided to do this to save money but it actually meant that we were able to get the exact invites we wanted. Even though it took a very long time I did enjoy the process of going from initial design to finished product and be able to give them out to people being proud of what we'd achieved and produced. I've also been trying out painting on canvas and I've found this to be quite therapeutic as there are no rules to it and you can just paint whatever you like. It doesn't have to be neat. It doesn't have to mean anything. You can just use it as a way to express your creative flair and help you to relax.

One of the main things I've found with creative activities is that they can really help relieve stress and give you something else to focus on in a world of busy work schedules and other things that life throws at you. Something I've started this month is a bullet journal. I've seen them around for quite a while but always thought that it's not something for me to help organise myself. I had typically preferred plain to-do lists which I was constantly adding to, with many of these things being unnecessarily included which could sometimes cause me more stress to be constantly looking at this list of things I 'had' to do. A bullet journal can include much more than your to-do list as people often use it to record thoughts and feelings. Even though it's the first month of doing my journal, I've already found it useful to help with things such as getting anxious thoughts out and how I can help work on these. It has also let me concentrate on the important things I need to work and look at these as goals for the month.

The journal gives me space to do some creative therapy, whether this is doodling or actually creating my pages in an arty way. I'm also tracking and logging how I've been feeling in there as this actually makes me stop and think for a minute how my day has been and visually represent this. Expressing my feelings in this way helps to process them and can help to see when I need to make changes to my things better. Overall, using a bullet journal as something to help organise while doing this in a creative manner can really help to focus your mind on the important things and give you a chance to de-stress while filling it in.

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