Buying My Wedding Suit & Some Advice For Grooms To Be

Saturday, 10 August 2019

I'm getting married in May next year and getting my wedding suit sorted was one of the many things on the to-do list. I knew roughly what I wanted for my suit but hadn't properly started looking into what was actually available. My thoughts were around having something navy but I hadn't got much further than that and was planning to leave it later in the year to go to look and hopefully find one then. A few weeks ago I was shopping in town with Laura, my wife-to-be, and ended up popping into the Burton store that had recently reopened. I thought it might give me some ideas about what I wanted from the suit. After browsing around I'd seen a few suits that I liked but they weren't 'wedding suits'.

One of the assistants in Burton came over to check whether we needed any help and I explained I was looking for wedding suits for myself and my wedding party. The assistant asked if I had any preferences and I explained to her that I wanted something navy but I wasn't sure on the rest. She pointed out a navy suit with a fine purple check print across it. My immediate thought was that it wasn't something I would have considered but she laid out the three-piece suit along with a nice pair of dark brown shoes so I could view it as a full outfit. Once it was all together I could see the look coming together and decided to try it on. I saw myself in the mirror and absolutely loved the suit. The purple check I was at first slightly reserved about was the thing that made the suit and gave it a 'wedding suit' look. I came out of the changing room to show Laura and see what she thought. She loved it so much she actually cried a little. That confirmed to me that this was the right suit for the wedding.

By the next week, I had got all the suits and shoes needed for my wedding party. We hadn't planned to go together to look for my suit but it's just how it worked out. What I'd also say here is that if you want to go with your partner then do it. Superstitions and traditions aren't written rules that you have to do or follow. Do you what YOU want to do, remember it's your wedding! I had originally thought that sorting out the suits would be really time-consuming and consist of having to try on multiple different options. I know that for some people this is what may happen, particularly if you are struggling to find the one you like, but I wanted to give a few pieces of advice from my experience with finding my wedding suit.

Don't Discount At First Sight

Once you have a basic idea of what you might be looking for, don't narrow it down too much at first as you may discount options that you don't think you'll like without giving them a chance. Sometimes you'll need to view them as a full outfit to see the look come together. Unless you definitely know you wouldn't choose it, it may be worth considering it as an option before ruling it out or looking past it.

Try It On

Like many other items of clothing, suits can sometimes look different once you are wearing it to when you see it on a hanger. This can mean the item you like doesn't look quite as good as you envisaged, but also that something really works even if you didn't think so at first. If you're considering a suit as a possible option, give it a try and it can help confirm your thoughts. This is what happened with me as when I saw the suit on, it showed me it was the one for me when I was at first a little apprehensive. Also, remember that you don't have to try on loads of suits in order to find 'the one'. I ended up going for the first one that I had actually tried on so don't doubt your gut feeling.

Don't Leave It Too Late

Although suits don't need to be purchased as far in advance as a wedding dress, it's worth remembering that the styles will change by the season. For example, if your wedding was March 2020, you'd be better buying one while this seasons suits are still in so you can get one with appropriate colours for the time of year you are getting married. If you left it until the last few months prior to the wedding, you could find the styles you were wanting are not being stocked at that time.

I hope my experience can help some of you when it comes to getting your own suit for your wedding. I purchased mine at Burton and I was really impressed with the customer service I received when choosing my suit and ordering all of the other suits I needed. It's definitely worth considering them when you are looking for yours (#notsponsored). Hopefully, this post can give you some pointers and help if you are in the same position as me. Remember you don't have to get a really expensive suit or pay a lot of money to hire one that you don't get to keep. You don't have to go with what people traditionally see as a 'wedding suit', getting a 'posh' tie or one that matches with the bridesmaids dresses. As I'd mentioned before, remember that it's your wedding, so do what is right for you and your partner. © . Theme by STS.