How We Got Engaged

Sunday, 7 January 2018

I'm going to go right back to the start of when Laura and I first met in September 2012. This was the time when we both moved into halls of residence at Northumbria University and happened to be put in the rooms next to each other. We soon developed a good friendship and it felt like we'd known each other for ages. It just felt so normal, we could talk about anything and enjoyed spending time with each other, whether this was heading into Newcastle or sitting watching Netflix until the early hours. We signed for a shared house with some of the others in our flat so in the first semester so we already knew that we'd be living together again the next year before we'd even got together. Things started getting a little more flirty in the second semester as we both realised that there might be more to it than just being good friends.

It was April 2013 not long after we had both arrived back to uni after the Easter break. I knew that I wanted to ask Laura to be my girlfriend so decided to try and come up with an excuse to get out the flat and head out for a walk. Apparently, I'm not that subtle and Laura had realised what I was trying to do so decided to start asking me a number of questions about why we needed to go for a walk. I eventually got her out the flat and we headed down to the quayside as it seemed a nice location. We wandered along the river and stopped by some of the railings and after a bit of random nervous talk I asked her out. Fast forward to third year and we had our own flat together. This is a big step for a couple but something that we both felt ready for and it was good to know that we could both live together alone in our own little place. The next year involved going on trips away, graduating and celebrating our 21st birthdays.

After graduating we both moved back to Liverpool in September 2015 to live with Laura's family as we weren't in a position to get our own place right then. Laura started a Christmas job and I carried on working in retail while applying for other jobs. In 2016 I started my graduate job and Laura was pursuing her blog full time. In January 2017 we started saving for a house while still staying in the family home rather than renting. We'd talked about getting engaged and knew we were both ready so we started saving for it in April 2017 and by the August we had the ring. Having talked about everything together, the process of getting engaged didn't feel like it should be any different.

We booked to go away to Wales for our birthdays in October and I thought this might be a nice opportunity to do it. Unfortunately, we had to cut the trip short as Laura wasn't too well and I didn't want to try and propose as it didn't feel right. Apparently, I still wasn't as subtle as when I asked her out and she'd clocked on that I was thinking of proposing. A few days later she suggested we could book a trip to Newcastle around Christmas time. The second day of our trip we headed to the quayside and this felt like the perfect location. Here we were again wandering along the river and for old times sake, we stopped at the place when I asked her out back in 2013. I pulled the ring out of my pocket, opened the box and asked her to marry me. We are both so happy to be engaged and it was great to share the news with friends and family and are now enjoying looking at things for the wedding. © . Theme by STS.