Capturing Special Moments

Monday, 15 January 2018

I've been into photography for quite a few years and have owned a range of cameras that have helped me to develop my skills. It takes time to learn how to get your shots right and often means experimenting with different settings to achieve the photos or footage you want. As I've upgraded my cameras, they have given me more freedom to alter the setting so that I could choose my setup to make sure I achieved the best shot possible. Sometimes though, even when I've been playing around with different modes, I've not been able to take the photo I wanted due to the lack of light as the camera couldn't cope. Cameras are a great way to capture those special moments you have and allow you to save it as a memory forever. These moments may happen anywhere and at any time so you want to have a camera that can capture them whatever the situation.

This time last month I proposed to my girlfriend when we were on a weekend away to Newcastle. We went down to the quayside one evening and that's where I popped the question. After enjoying the moment, we decided to get a few photos of ourselves, the location and the ring. Due to the low lighting, this took a little while to get the photos we wanted as it wasn't picking up the detail quite right and the photos were coming out in low quality. Although we were able to get photos we liked in the end, having a camera that could perform well even when it's darker would have been ideal. Panasonic have released their LUMIX GH5S high-performance low light compact camera that is capable of producing great imagery even when the lighting conditions are challenging. To see what it's capable of, check out this impressive video below that showcases its abilities.

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