2018 Goals

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Get a house

After weighing up the options when graduating from uni, we decided to stay at Laura's parent's house while we would save up for a deposit rather than spend money renting a flat. We are hoping that we can get a mortgage this year and move into our own home. Being able to call a place your own and to have our own space will be amazing. I've already planned out what I'd like to do with one of the spare rooms which I'm hoping to turn it into a gaming room. 

Blog consistently

I often include something relating to how often I'd like to blog as it's something that I always try to improve on. I've set myself targets in the past to try and blog a certain number of times in a week and did manage to keep this up for a bit but then things got in the way such as when I started my full-time job. Since then I've been trying to find a balance of how often I can blog and keep this up consistently. I was quite busy in the run-up to Christmas so didn't manage to get up as many posts as I'd like, so I thought I could use the new year as a starting point to go from and aim to keep it up from there.

Get a role in my company

Having started my graduate scheme in September 2016, I'll be due to finish it later this year so will be looking for a role to go into in one of the areas that I've worked in across the two years. I've really enjoyed the scheme so far and have already got some ideas of where I'd like to go. With working in different parts of my business area I feel as though I've learnt so much and developed my skills further, so will be keeping an eye out for opportunities over the coming months. 

Have an engagement party

Laura and I recently got engaged after being together for over 4 and a half years. It was really nice to speak to our close family and let them know the good news. As I'm not originally from Liverpool and the majority of my family live 2 hours away, it's not been possible for both our families to meet each other properly. We'd like to have a nice get-together so we can celebrate our engagement and for our families and friends to get to know each other a bit better. 

Start doing more product review posts

I've got quite a few products, particularly tech-related ones, which I use all the time but have not reviewed yet. I recently started to compile a list of these items that I can review which will also give myself more content to write about. At Christmas, I was lucky enough to get some new gadgets which I'll be reviewing over the next few months. I'd also like to start doing more reviews of restaurants I've not tried before as well as guides to places I visit. 

Vlog more of our travels

Having started vlogging on our joint channel a couple of years ago, we've captured a number of places, whether this was a day trip to a local city or a full week away in a different country. We don't do chatty type videos but make ones where we document what we have been up to and seen. At first, I was thinking I needed to make a video that is perfectly edited and was a certain length. I realised if we set this target, I'd never end up vlogging certain trips that could actually make good content. 

Review the games I'm playing

In the past couple of years, I've started to get more into my gaming and been trying out a bigger variety of games. A while ago I would tend to just stick to the same series of games that I'd always play and wouldn't deviate from this. Now I've started to try out different games I've found some that I absolutely love and then ended up playing the other games in that series. I've been toying with the idea of gaming posts for a while but I'm still trying to decide on the style of how I'd like to do the posts before I go ahead with them, but there should hopefully be some up on the blog soon.

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