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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Christmas shopping is something that from the start of November will excite you, or be an activity you dread to start. Whichever one of these suits your shopping style, having a reliable gift idea would be welcome to anyone. Fragrances are worn by many people which can make it a straight-forward present for a loved one, and with the dedicated Christmas page on Fragrance Direct, choosing the right one is made even easier. 

Quite a while ago now I received aftershave as a gift and because I liked it, I just stuck with it. In more recent years, I've started to expand my selection which gives me more choice for different occasions. After looking through the page, I decided to choose one from Hugo Boss and another from Lacoste. I've never had either of these brands before so thought it would be a good opportunity to try something new.

BOSS BOTTLED TONIC Eau de Toilette 50ml is a new fresh fragrance from Hugo Boss that contrasts bitter nuances of citrus with subtle sophistication to reflect the Man of Today staying true to his values while striving to reach his goals. The vibrancy of ginger and sharp effervescence makes it piercing yet composed, with the simple woody base evoking the richness of the earth. Being a fresh fragrance makes it suitable to wear as an everyday scent.

Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Eau de Toilette 50ml is a classic floral woody fragrance. It has top notes of rosemary, cedar leaf, grapefruit and cardamom which is mixed with the core of ylang-ylang and Mexican tuberose. This is finished off with sensual base notes of leather, cedar and suede. I feel like this would be a good option for those times when you want a slightly stronger scent. The white fragrance that I went for represents elegance, freshness and simplicity. They also have a green and blue option of this fragrance, each with its own character.

So if you're looking for a gift idea for someone this Christmas, then it's worth checking out the thoughtful gift edit from Fragrance Direct.

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