Szczecin, Poland Vlog & Photo Diary

Thursday, 19 October 2017

I've always loved travelling and exploring new places. A few months ago we decided to book a cheap trip away to Szczecin, Poland for a few days not really knowing much about what was there to see or do. Even though I normally like to plan everything out before booking it, I have no regrets about picking cheap flights to a random place and just going with it. The town turned out to be a really nice place to visit, with a picturesque river and some interesting architecture. Getting to learn more about the war by exploring the tunnels used to take shelter many years ago was an eye-opener into what people went through. I tried to capture some of what I saw, both in the photos below and the vlog at the bottom of the post. Laura has some other photos of our trip which you can see in her post. © . Theme by STS.