MYNT Smart Item Tracker & Remote Review

Monday, 16 October 2017

Losing items is something I'm rather good at, particularly putting down the essentials such as my phone, wallet and keys. Bluetooth trackers are becoming a lifesaver for these situations and mean you may never lose anything important again. MYNT have created a smart item tracker (£18.99)* that can be attached to literally anything you want, whether this is your wallet, keychain, laptop, remote, child's clothing or even to use it as a pet tag. This tracker has a very sleek and elegant design and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. It's only 1/8th inch thick, 2 inches in length and 1 inch wide. 

Even with its small size, it's still packed full of features that can make your life a whole lot easier. Separation phone alert will give your phone a real-time notification when it leaves a preset area so you can be alerted before you get a chance to lose your item. This function is a step up from just being able to see where your item is after you've already lost it. Separation location allows you to see where your item is and lets you follow directions using the map to be reunited with your possessions. 

The distance indicator will make it quicker to find your stuff and prevent you stressing about getting it back. Being able to track your items from your phone is great, but what happens when you lose your phone? The MYNT tracker is a bi-directional anti-loss device that can be used to locate your phone. Long pressing the button on the MYNT will make your phone ring to help you get it back, probably from the back of the sofa or at the bottom of your bag. Alternatively, whichever item you've tagged will allow you to ring the tracker from your phone and can quite easily manage multiple devices all in the smartphone app.

Additional options on the MYNT tracker let you use it as a camera remote, music remote or even as a presentation clicker. Some extras that are supplied are the tracker loop, a keyring, a spare battery and a couple of adhesive pads for when you want to attach it to solid items. I've loved using this tracker and playing around with all its great features. My favourite function at the minute is the separation phone alert as it prevents me leaving the house without my valuables. I can definitely see myself investing in more of these in the future to tag up multiple items so I can keep track of all the important things I own. 

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