Popsockets | Are They Worth It?

Saturday, 2 September 2017

I've seen a lot of people talking about Popsockets and I first thought they would be a bit of a gimmick. I mean, why would you need something stuck to the back of your phone to help you hold it? Even though my phone, an iPhone 6S, isn't huge I do tend to rest it on my little finger when holding which can result in it feeling a little sore after a while so much so that I have a slight curvature to my finger which seems to be known as 'smartphone pinky'. Popsockets are designed to be a grip/stand or to be used as an earphone management system. After reading about them a little more I decided to give it a go and order one to test it out which even prompted Laura to want one too, hence the pink sparkly one above. I also ordered a mount for the Popsocket which I'll talk more about below.

The Popsocket simply sticks to the back of your phone or phone case and is so simple to put on. Simply pull the back and it 'pops' out to one of two heights as you can see above. I use it fully pulled out and have actually found it much easier to hold my phone, partly due to the fact that you can get a solid grip without worrying about dropping it. This comes in particularly useful when laying in bed and not dropping my phone onto my face, which I'm sure many of you will have done at some point. Priced at £9.99 for the ones I got, I thought it was decent value for money as they should be something I get a lot of use from.

Depending on the design on the back, the prices do vary slightly. You can choose from a number of pre-created styles or you can create your own uploading an image. Repositioning of the Popsocket it easy enough, you just need to peel it off and then apply in the desired position. If it loses its adhesiveness then a quick rinse in water will get it sticky again. Using these as a stand could come in useful, particularly if you watch a lot of videos on your phone or even tablet. Those with a larger device could use a couple of them to make holding or standing it easier. I haven't bought any yet to use with my iPad but have been considering it.

As I mentioned above I also bought a mount for the Popsocket which is designed to allow your phone to be mounted anywhere you want. The main use for me will be in the car so I can securely have the phone on the dashboard which will come in handy when using my phone as a Sat Nav. You could also stick it to the wall or window if you needed your phone for displaying something while still having your hands free. I got this for £6.99 on offer but even at the full price of £9.99, it's still good value if you compare it to car phone holders. Overall, I would recommend trying out a Popsocket, especially for those who are constantly on their phones. For the price, I think you are getting a very handy accessory that may change the way you use your phone. If you tend to use your phone as a Sat Nav, then I'd also go for the mount as the perfect way to mount your phone in the car.

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