TV Shows I Want To Watch Next

Monday, 17 July 2017

There are so many TV shows out there that it can sometimes be difficult to decide which to go for. I end up searching online for some inspiration so thought that doing a post on the shows I'm keen to watch could come in useful for those in the same situation as I've been in recently. Some of these shows are due to be released soon but sound like they'd be worth giving a go.

13 Reasons Why

A Netflix Original that is something different to many shows out there as it's designed to be quite a moving and raw due to the nature of the program. It's based around the death of a student who decided to end her own life, with a series of tapes opening up the reasons behind her choice. I'm intrigued by this show as it's a sensitive topic and it will be interesting to see how they project mental health issues.


This is a prison series based in Australia when one of the characters is charged with the attempted murder of her husband and ends up in prison. Being a new entrant into the prison, she has to learn the hard way about how to survive while she waits until she's sentenced. I've watched Prison Break previously and loved it so I think this could be why I'm keen to give this one a try. 

Hemlock Grove

This series is based around the brutal murder of a teenage girl, but the hunt for the killer is harder than first thought due to the town's secret keeping. I've been into crime thrillers for quite a few years as they are so gripping and intense. Shows like this can really pull you in as you become invested in finding out who the killer is. 


I've included a show that is yet to be released but one that will be on our screens at the end of July 17. After becoming a money launderer for a Mexican drug cartel, things turn ugly for a financial advisor when it takes over his life and he has to relocate with his family to the Missouri Ozarks. It looks to be a fast paced and exciting drama that will have a number of twists and turns. Definitely worth checking out the trailer for this one. 


Another Netflix Original that follows a family of adult siblings when their disreputed brother comes back and drags up their scars and secrets from the past. They are hard working members of their community that will desperately try to keep their history where it belongs in this intense crime thriller.

Sons of Anarchy

Here's one that's been out for quite a while now and seemed widely popular. I never got around to watching it at the time so after it's good reviews I decided to put it as one of my next to watch shows. It's a crime drama that looks at the life of a new dad who is part of a motorcycle club that's involved with everything from gun-running to influencing politicians. © . Theme by STS.