The Ideal Man Cave

Thursday, 22 June 2017

I'm already planning out what I'd want to do with my future house, even as far as what I'll put in each room. I'd love to have a big TV and speaker setup to make the best use of my consoles and allow for the full experience when watching TV series and films. If you're lucky enough to have a girlfriend who is into gaming and movies like me, then you'll be needing a comfy sofa to relax on. Having a cool drink to hand would be kind of useful too as there is nothing worse than getting comfy in front of the sofa and then needing a top up of your beer. I think a mini-fridge is going to be on the shopping list when I'm sorting the room.

The first thing you might think of when it comes to a man cave is a room within the house, possibly that converted attic space up a set of folding stairs. Many people will not necessarily have a spare room that can be turned into your luxury pad, so you may well think that's your chance gone. You'd probably never have thought about having a shed as a man cave. I mean, my first thought is that it would be used to store your garden tools and possibly a couple of bikes. This was until I saw the Ultimate Rugby Shed that Badger Ale created. Badger Ale has been brewed in the heart of the Dorset countryside since 1777 and they believe in always trying to make beer time as good as it can be. This has been reflected in the shed design containing everything a rugby fan could want, with a 65 inch TV, a double beer fridge full of Badger Ale and even a pie oven. The shed can even extend out to fit more people in for watching the game. If you want to check out the full setup then have a look at their video below.

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