Lunch At Barley & Beans

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

After hearing about the Freak Shakes available, it was just too much temptation not to go and try them. Pancake Day brought a special edition shake for this week only which gave another reason to go and check it out (not that we needed one). Barley & Beans in Liverpool is not your standard coffee shop and has a different kind of offering to what you might normally expect. We only went for a drink and a couple of sweet treats, but they do have items for breakfast and brunch right through to your Sunday roasts. Oh and this coffee shop also has some good deals on cocktails, although it was a little too early for us to try these in our visit.

The pancake week special was the Oreo Smores Pancake Shake. I know it's technically a drink but I would probably class this as a dessert for two. That doesn't mean it's a bad thing as it was incredible. It was quite different to what you normally see as you tend to get either a shake or a dessert whereas this was an impressive combination of the two. Even though this was a special version, they do have a number of other Freak Shakes on offer all year round so don't worry about missing out.

The second item we chose was a triple stack of American Pancakes served with smoked bacon and maple syrup. These were a very generous portion with pretty thick pancakes and a decent helping of bacon on top. They were nice and fresh and had a good flavour, although one thing I would say is that they could do with more syrup as it seemed to soak in quickly and left some of the pancakes a bit too dry. I know this might vary depending on people's preference, however having extra syrup on the table like in IHOP could help solve this. I'd be interested in seeing how their savoury food options compare and be able to try out some of the drinks on offer so I might have to consider an evening visit. © . Theme by STS.