Yard & Coop Liverpool Review

Saturday, 21 January 2017

After looking around for a new restaurant to try out in Liverpool, Yard and Coop kindly offered for myself and Laura to go and taste what they had to offer. Their restaurant is 'the home of buttermilk fried chicken' and they offer plenty of tasty meals to make it difficult to choose your favourite. Located below ground, the steps lead into a very impressive layout. The staff were happy to recommend what food and drinks to go for, with our server Amy being really friendly and helpful, making sure we had everything we needed.


One of the first things I noticed when I walked in was they style of the place. It was different to anywhere I'd been before and totally worked for the type of restaurant it is. There in an impressive bar area with relaxed seating which leads through to multiple tables. We went at a pretty quiet time (which actually worked out quite well for taking some photos) but there are plenty of areas to sit so there shouldn't be too much of a wait, even at busy times. I loved the design of the aptly themed double wooden coops which really help bring together the chicken theme, you can see the coops in Laura's review. The hanging lamps were a good touch as it gave a nice warm and relaxed feel to the place.


They have a decent selection of drinks on the menu, from milkshakes to cocktails, so there should be something for everyone depending what your taste is. I went for the Cona Big Wave pale ale after being recommended to try it. It was really smooth and easy to drink, perfect for having with a meal and I would definitely have it again. Next time we visit, I would be sure not to drive so that I could try out more of their ale selection.


The chicken on offer is 24-hour brined and buttermilked to make it extra succulent, and it's then crumbed in their secret recipe of herbs and spices. There were a number of choices such as chicken breast with sides, burgers, thighs, wings and more. We both shared the 'Mac n Cheese Balls' which were a nice little side order to have. They were surprisingly filling so worked out well as a sharing option. For the main, I went for the 'Yippi-Ki-Yay-Mutha-Clucka' burger which I can safely say lived up to its name. It's a full buttermilk fried chicken breast with shredded chicken thigh in a brioche bun. This is full of three cheeses, bacon, bourbon BBQ sauce, sriracha, onion rings, tomato, gherkin and lettuce and just to top it off with a side of chips. It was one hell of a meal but there were no regrets in ordering this. Even though it was packed with toppings, they all worked well and complemented each other. The chicken was fresh and moist which was a nice change to others I've had in the past, as some chicken burgers I've had in the have been too dry. There was plenty of bacon which was cooked how I like it, so you could actually chew it rather than being able to snap it in two. The onions rings were certainly up there with ones I've had before, being nice and crispy never-mind their huge size.

The whole burger was kept together with a wooden skewer, which is needed to stop it all falling over, and this was topped with a little 'Not Chicken Nugget'. This was a crumb-coated halloumi nugget which is something different to try, and you can order these as a side with other meals. Laura went for the 'Chicken Breast with Bourbon BBQ Sauce', served with chips, which you can also see on her review. Amy ran through the milkshakes and desserts on offer that day and the 'Cookie Dough Brownie' just sounded too good to miss, although we did have to share this as the mains were so filling. One bit of advice, if they ask if you want your brownie serving warm with ice cream, your answer should definitely be yes. It was a light in texture with rich chocolate sauce oozing out from the middle. All the food came out fairly quickly and was nice and fresh so you could tell it had only just been prepared.

Bar Area

Even if the food doesn't tempt you enough or you are just wanting somewhere to go for a few drinks, then the bar area provides a great setting. Whether this is taking a spot on the bar stools or in the other seating, the array of drinks on offer should keep you busy. If you were looking for somewhere to catch up with friends then this would be ideal. I had such a great time at Yard & Coop, the food was amazing and I loved the whole experience I will definitely be going back!

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