Pizza Pilgrims Review | Kingly Court, Soho

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A few weeks ago I went down to London for a long weekend and came across Kingly Court almost by accident. We were heading to find Crumbs and Doilies (which is the nicest cake shop ever) and found it tucked down what seemed to be a random little backstreet. After finally deciding which cupcakes to buy, we carried on wandering down the street and it opened up into this impressive courtyard as you can see above. I've not seen anywhere quite like this before with so many restaurants and cafes packed into such a small space.

After wandering up to two flights of stairs (later to discover there was an elevator) to get some photos from the very top I had worked up myself quite an appetite and there was Pizza Pilgrims, just staring me in the face as I came back down the stairs. Heading through the door, we discovered this authentic and very homely restaurant waiting for us inside. They also had seating outside but it was just a little too cold to brave this. Even though they have a good selection of pizzas on the menu, we both ended up going for a margherita as we only wanted something simple. Accompanied by a can of San Pelligrino our pizza's arrived within 10 minutes and you could tell that had just been pulled out of the stone bake oven. Even with only having the cheese and tomato option, it was still a tasty with a well flavoured pizza.

The decor in the restaurant gave it a very rustic feel, with the low hanging lamps and vintage signs on the wall. One of the things I loved was all of the different pizza boxes arranged along the back wall which looked really impressive and gave it that unique look to remember it by. The prices were actually very reasonable, especially seen as it was part of this court area and only five minutes away from Oxford Street. I would definitely head there again if I was in the area as it's a great little stop for either lunch or dinner, with tasty food and a good atmosphere that won't break the bank. © . Theme by STS.