GoPro Kit Used For Our Vlogs

Monday, 2 January 2017


Having a camera as compact as the GoPro is great for capturing footage wherever you are. They are small enough to throw in your pocket and they are pretty much unrivaled in the practicality area. I'll cover the mounts we use a bit further down so I can explain in more detail. One of the great things about the GoPro is that they can take quite a bit of abuse so you don't really have to worry about where you take them. In the correct casing they are fully waterproof which gives you access to footage many other cameras cannot get.

GoPro Hero

This entry level model was my first GoPro I bought and I wasn't disappointed. It does have less options and functions such as the lack of screen and more restricted alterations for the mode, but it's great to just pull out to start filming. This camera only films in the wide mode but will still produce high definition video. It can take photos and capture time-lapses which gives the freedom to use it for multiple things. When filming with this GoPro, it can often be perfect if you wanted to film footage right in front of you as the wide angle will capture everything. This could be good for use on body mounted shots such as in the chest mount or when filming in an enclosed space such as inside.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver

This is one of my more recent purchases and I absolutely love it. It captures amazing footage in a number of different modes and settings as well as some very high quality photos. The mode I normally film in now is the newly released linear option which removes the fish eye look. This can produce video that looks more like other cameras, while still having the detail you are used to with the GoPro. Don't get me wrong, I know the wide view is distinctive to the GoPro and comes in extremely useful when filming things in a small space or when mounted in certain locations. It's also great to use when you want that real immersive experience. I think having this range of options to use all packed into one tiny camera makes it, for me, the perfect camera to use for travel vlogs.

This model had an LCD touchscreen which, although small, makes framing your shots that bit easier. It's also useful for scrolling through the options quickly and altering the settings in each mode. As I've already mentioned, the output quality from the GoPro is very impressive given how small it is, so can often save carrying a larger camera around. One of my other favourite options to use is the time-lapse function, with a choice of intervals to allow capturing movement over longer time periods really easy, such as clouds or people in a busy city.


GoPro The Handler

We've now got two of these mounts so we can both film at the same time. It's a small handheld grip that easily screws into the camera and is very sturdy. It comes with an adjustable elastic wrist strap so I'd never be worried about it coming off whatever I was doing. The grip will also float the camera if dropped in water, so it would make it make for a perfect mount for water based activities too.

SP Gadgets Tripod Grip

This is a similar mount to The Handler but comes with the added flexibility of being a tripod. It has a rubberised finish to it so that you can get a good purchase, and it actually designed specifically for the GoPro as it screws straight onto the camera housing. The grip folds out easily to create a stable base and saves having to carry around a separate tripod if you don't want to carry too much equipment around with you. The only downside to this mount it that it is noticeably heavier than The Handler.

GoPro Suction Cup

This mount is mainly used when filming out of the car window when we are travelling somewhere. It easily attaches to a flat surface such as the windscreen and holds it's place really well. You can even mount it on the outside of your car and can stay on even at high speeds. I have also used this to capture time-lapses when looking out of a window as you can just set it going and not worry about it moving. I can definitely see the use of this in the future if we did move vehicle based travelling as you could capture what you are seeing as your drive along.

Joby Gorillapod SLR Zoom

I use the GoPro tripod mount to attach it to this Gorillapod as it provides a lot of freedom with where I can mount it. You can get smaller action camera Gorillapod's, but seen as I wanted one to use for all my cameras I went for the larger one that can support them. The great thing about this tripod is that it's lightweight and can be wrapped around most things which means you can set up the tripod in places you wouldn't normally be able to. I've also used it as a grip to use for filming if you just fold all of the legs together.

GoPro The Frame

This is my most recent purchase for the GoPro and is used with my Hero 4 so that it doesn't have to be in the larger housing. This mount is the lowest profile housing that gives access to all of the ports and allows for much better audio capture. I did wonder at first how much better it could be, but I would 100% recommend this to invest in if you want decent sound. This can only be used in dry and clean environments, but don't think that this means you can only use it indoors. This is my go-to mount for the Hero 4 now, so unless I need it to be waterproof, I would always use this one as you get the best output for your videos. © . Theme by STS.