Future Drone Wishlist

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

I've always been into technology and enjoy looking at new products that get released. One of the big crazes in the year has been around drones with loads of different options out there. I've got my own small drone that I got as a present which is great fun to use. At some point in the future, I'd love to own a slightly larger drone that is capable of capturing very high-quality footage and can be flown over greater distances. I've picked out my three favourite drones for this wishlist that I can one day hope to own. These drones are all worthy of filming professional video which does come with a hefty price tag. After spending all this money, it would be a good idea to have insurance for your drone to make sure you're covered, such as these options provided by Insure4Drones.

GoPro Karma

Having done a few different posts based around my GoPro kit on here, this drone would be an amazing addition to my lineup. The great thing about this drone is that you use your GoPro camera to film from, so you know you will get great footage while benefitting from the unique filming perspective of a drone. It comes with their new Karma grip which stabilises the footage so you get smooth and silky shots. This can actually be detached to use handheld too. It's super compact and portable as it packs down into a case that is easy to carry around which would be ideal for me as I could take it to so many places. I also love the little controller which is designed to be very easy to use and fly.

DJI Phantom 4

This is the newest drone to the DJI range which comes with some great features. It has an inbuilt gimbal to ensure you have the perfect clips and can fly up to an impressive 44mph. Neat little things such as automatically avoiding obstacles and tracking moving subjects would come in very handy, especially for a novice like myself. One of the other options I like it the smart return home function, I could definitely see myself using this once my flight was up to ensure I got it back in one piece.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Wi-Fi Quadricopter

This is a more wallet-friendly option at three to four times less than the other two in this wishlist. The very compact design of the drone combined with the fact that you control it from your phone or tablet makes it a very portable and lightweight option. Welcome features such as the automatic piloting to help with take-off and landing would certainly come in useful, plus you can easily do flips and can whizz around at an impressive pace given its size.

So there are my three picks to include on my future drone wishlist. They all have cool features and would be great to use to capture some unique and amazing moments. What drones are on your wishlist?

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