Things I Forgot About Until Christmas

Friday, 2 December 2016

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone and that we are in December all ready. What even happened to the year? I have a lot of birthdays in my family in the last few months of the year so I don't really think about Christmas until all of these are out the way. Now we are into December it's time to properly start sorting things for the Christmas period. I've actually got some of my presents bought and wrapped this year which is really impressive an organised for me. The Christmas adverts have been out for a few weeks now and there are so many deals flying round it's easy to get tired of seeing it all and forgetting about what to sort out before the big day. These are a few of the things that seem to slip my mind until we get close to the festive period.

Amount of Cards

It's not like a birthday where you are just buying a card for one person. This season you have to get ones for all the family members, extended family (that normally get a generic card from a multi-pack) partners & their families and the list goes on and on. One of the best things to do is to get them sorted early as the queues in the card shop can get unbearable nearer the time.

Wrapping Presents

I have been guilty of leaving this to the very last minute (you are talking late night on xmas eve) and it's kinda stressful. I always thought that it would be a quick and easy job to wrap a few presents. This turned out not to be the case and let's just say it was a lesson learned. This year I've tried to wrap presents as I've bought them so I don't have to do the whole lot in one go.

How Much It Will Cost

It's the one time of year that you have to buy presents for everyone at the same time and it can start totaling up pretty quickly. At this point you probably also start to remember extra people that you need to buy for which will start adding to your spends this month. Something to try and do in buy in the run up to Christmas so that is doesn't all come out a once.

Having Everything You Need

It's probably happened to most of us, you sit down to go and wrap your presents and you suddenly realise you are missing sellotape and you've only got enough paper to wrap a box of chocolates. That important phrase 'preparation is key' springs to mind when you put your head in your hands. Another one that seems to happen every year is that the Christmas lights never seem to work properly (testing before you put them up seems to save you time).

Christmas Songs

They are a great way to get into the festive mood and you will start to hear them all of the TV and radio. There are so many songs out there with a lot of the classics being covered by more recent artists. Whenever I want to stick some songs on I'll go onto Spotify and just stick on a 'Best Christmas Album' and soon find that I can't stand half of the songs on there. What I tend to do now is to go through and add all my favourites to my own playlist so I don't have to keep skipping through all the ones I don't like.

There's a few of the things I tend to forgot about until Christmas. I do love this time of year and have tried to get myself a little more organised to keep on top of all the festive activities. Do you have anything that you only remember when we enter December? © . Theme by STS.