2016 Blog Goals Revisited

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Keep Posting Regularly

I've tried to keep on top of blogging, but since I started my job back in September it's not been as easy as I first thought to stick to three posts per week. I've made a plan for January for a posting schedule and to get posts written in advance instead of waiting for the day to post it. Blogging is something I really enjoy and I'm looking forward to what 2017 will bring in regards of opportunities.

Increase My Following

Regarding Twitter, I have had a huge surge in following as I've been getting more involved with chats and talking to other bloggers. I feel like since my content has been more relatable it's encouraged people to follow me too. I've seen growth over on Pinterest too, but I have struggled with Instagram. It's a hard platform to gain a steady following on but if I take photos in advance and plan days to post on, it will probably help a lot.

Do More Review Posts

Reviewing products is something I quite enjoy. I've not managed to do this as much as I wanted, even though I've got products I could do reviews on. I'm going to set myself an aim to get a mix of more of these posts into my schedule. Whenever I want to get something I always look around for reviews and find that blog reviews go into a lot more detail than your standard website ones, so I would love to be able to provide my opinions to help other people. 

Improve My Photography

This is the goal I feel I've had the biggest improvement with. Last year I was still taking the odd photo on my iPhone, and now I take them on either of my Go Pros, my Fuji S100FS or my new Panasonic G6. I've changed the settings to suit what I'm looking for and taken photos at different times of day and experimented with angles. I'm starting to find more and more than slightly altering how I take a photo will get much better results. When I want to do some landscape shots I find the GoPro provides that unique wide angle view which can turn a normal photo into a really impressive one. 

Do More Blog Series

I feel I've expanded on this topic, as I've created posts such as Tips For Choosing A Student House for current university students, and for graduates I wrote the post How To Search And Apply For A Graduate Job as part of my Uni Series. I think I've still got more work to do for creating a range of blog series but this is something I'll work on next year.

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