Tech Wishlist

Monday, 21 November 2016

Fitbit Blaze

I've liked the idea of these for a while now and would love to finally own one of them. They are such a useful gadget that can be worn anytime as it doesn't scream fitness monitor but still provides you with all the stats you need to monitor things such as your steps and heart rate, without the need for a separate band around your chest. I noticed that they recently released a gun metal version of the blaze which looks really slick and smart so could be worn for work too. I seem to keep saying this but I'd like to try to get back into running and the Fitbit would be great as it provides real time run stats when connected to your phone's GPS which would be really handy.

GoPole Reach

Myself and Laura are starting to make more videos for our YouTube channel and I've been looking for ways to improve the content we put up on there. I've been toying with the idea of an extension pole for the GoPro for a while now and have finally decided it would be a great accessory to have. It can extend from 14 to 40 inches which would give a completely different angle to shoot from and would mean we could film ourselves a little more without having a camera right up in our faces. You could also capture more of the surroundings using this. Using the pole for filming what we are seeing which provide a more stable mount so that the shots look smoother.


This is something a little more on the luxury side but they are starting to come down in price now as they are becoming more popular. I've recently bought a PS4 Pro which can output 4K resolution depending on the game, so it would be interesting to see the detail of this. At the minute there don't seem to be too many games that can play in this high res, but in the future this should become more common. TV shows and films are also starting to be produced in 4K so watching these on a big screen would be impressive. My GoPro can also capture footage capable of playing back on this kind of TV so it would look amazing to see my travels in crisp detail.

GoPro Smart Remote

Another accessory for the GoPro would be the wireless remote so that I could have more freedom and practicality when taking photos and video. It has an impressive wireless range and can clipped onto things such as the GoPole reach to make taking shots easier. You can also use it to trigger the camera to record at certain points, whether this is when you are coming into shot or when it's set up somewhere out the way. It's so small and compact that it can be slipped in your pocket or kit bag to be taken anywhere with you. 

GoPro The Frame

Okay I promise this is the last accessory for the GoPro on my list, but it will improve the quality our our videos. The frame would provide easy access to all of the ports so you wouldn't have to keep taking it out the housing to plug it in. A huge benefit of this mount is the improved audio quality as it does not get hindered by the case at all. It also gives a lower profile option for mounting the camera to make it slightly less bulky. © . Theme by STS.