Skull Halloween Look

Thursday, 27 October 2016

It's not long until Halloween and a lot of people will be trying to decide what to dress up as. Last year I did a Zombie Halloween Look which also gives you another idea if you are looking for a number of ideas. Every year Laura tries out a new makeup look for this spooky time of the month so this year we decided to go for this Skull look. 

First Stage

After giving my face a thorough clean to make sure the makeup powder would set properly, the white face paint (you could use white foundation) was applied all over my face in an even layer. One this has dried, white face powder was added to take away the shine and create the smoother effect that is needed to build the other layers on.

Second Stage

This involves mapping out your areas of the face, My cheek bones and eyes were contoured and blacked out to help hollow out the face and work towards the look. For these black areas, I used a black and grey eyeshadows from a Freedom makeup palette that only costs £6 from Superdrug and should do multiple applications so it's well worth the money.

Third Stage

This involves fully blacking out the nose to make it 'disappear'. A small amount was added to the chin to help with blending into the neck, and black was also added around the edge of the forehead to merge the hairline into the face.  

Fourth & Final Stage

Creating the mouth requires a little more detail and uses eyeshadow to give the silvery look underneath and then black eyeshadow to be applied with a narrow brush (or eyeliner if you are steady) to mimic the look of teeth and extend them outwards. The next thing to do is to make the neck appear like it has bones showing through. This is by adding white face paint to create bones and then filling in the gaps with black eyeshadow. 

When you have finished all these stages there are a few options you could add if you wanted to go a bit further than my look shown in this post. To make the makeup stay on for longer, using some type of setting spray would hold it in place and stay on all night. You may also consider spraying your hair white/black and wearing a skeleton onesie or jumpsuit if you want to go for the full outfit. © . Theme by STS.