24 Things To Do Before I'm 24

Sunday, 30 October 2016

1. Develop Within My Career Path

If you've read any of my recent posts you might have seen that I've started a new job a few weeks ago. I am really happy in this and I'm looking forward to developing myself within this area to progress with my career. 

2. Make More Vlogs

We have recently published our UK Travel Vlog and it's made me and Laura want to keep making these vlogs of what we get up to. We have some ideas about little weekends away or trips we'd love to do and it would be great if we could make some vlogs about these to expand our YouTube channel. 

3. Go On More Weekend Trips

As we are going to saving up for a house we won't really be able to afford a longer holiday but I don't want this to stop us doing some travelling and experiences new places. I've been to a quite a few places in the UK before and would love to find some great new places to explore, as they can be an affordable option to still travel. 

4. Buy A House With Laura

This is something we are both looking forward to so we can have our own space and being able to say we finally have our own home. We both have ideas about what kind of house we'd like and have already planned how we'd like to decorate the rooms. It would be such a good little project too as doing DIY and making our own mark on it it is something we are both looking forward too.  

5. Do More Blog Series

I've done a few of these in the past and currently have my Uni Series going on at the minute. I love doing these as it means you can do a number of posts about a topic when you have a range of ideas that would be too much to put into one post. It gives a chance to get all of these ideas out so you don't have to pick and choose. When there is a post series it's something that people can follow and would be great if I can retain some readers. 

6. Start Doing More Product Reviews

I don't feel like I've done enough of these on my blog and want to give my thoughts on things and own and that I will buy. I've got a few ideas around doing some more technology based reviews on some cheaper products that people might be thinking of buying so it can help them decide. 

7. Start Running

I've kept saying this to myself for a while now but it's never to late to start right? I would like to improve my fitness level and just have something to do some regular exercise that doesn't take too much time out of my day. I need to get my motivation back to get out there and try and keep a consistent schedule. 

8. Create My Own Gaming/Tech Room

This will come with buying a house, but it would be great to have a room where I can have all my gaming stuff as well as my photography kit. I've got a few ideas about having shelves displaying my cameras and games so it can all be stored nicely rather than shoved in drawers like it is at the moment. 

9. Try Out More DIY Projects 

Being in practical activities from a young age, it's no surprise that I like doing things like this. I enjoy building furniture and doing work on a house so can't wait for this when we get a place. I'd like to try out some little projects that I could put onto my blog so I'm currently looking for some inspiration about what would work. 

10. Improve My Instagram

I'm finding that this is quite difficult to grow my following on. I've started to post every day (or as close to this as possible) by making sure I've always got photos that I'm happy to post so I don't run out and leave a gap. Taking my GoPro out with me gives me the chance to take some great photos in the unique wide angle view which I'm starting to post more of over on my Instagram.

11. Go On Another Camping Trip

Something else I've enjoyed from a young age which is probably why I've got my own tent and camping kit. We went away to Shell Island in Wales earlier in the year and had a great time with surprisingly hot and sunny weather. Sometimes it's good to go camping to have a quiet little break and give yourself time for a mini refresh.  

12. Buy An iMac

I'm pretty sure I've been wishing about this one for a while but there's nothing wrong with dreaming right? It would definitely be a good investment as it would make blogging and vlogging much easier and give me more opportunities of what kind of things I'm able to do with it. As much as it would be worth the money, there are more important things to save up for at the minute but I can keep hoping for one. 

13. Be More Active On Social Media

I keep telling myself I need to do this and every time I don't end up doing it. Engaging with people on social media expands your network and will help boost interaction with my blog so it will only be a good thing to do this. I know I can't use the excuse I don't have time, so I just need to get into the habit of doing it so that it becomes a normal part of my routine. 

14. Go & See Another Band Live

I've seen some of my favourite bands in the past few years but would love to see some more. We saw Kaiser Chiefs in V Fest this year and loved them so much we bought tickets to see them on tour next year. They had such as great atmosphere so it would be good to see them at their own event. There are definitely some others that I'm hoping will tour soon so I'll be keeping my eye out for these too. 

15. Upgrade To A New Console

Seen as I've owned a PS3 I was 16, I think it might be time to upgrade to a PS4 so that I can experience some of the new games and better graphics. There are a number of games such as the Assassins Creed series that are now only being released on the new console so I'd like to finally get to play these. I know the PS4 Pro is coming out soon as I may be tempted to save up birthday money towards buying this. 

16. Travel To A Different Country For The Weekend

This was an idea that Laura threw out there last week and I thought it would be such a good thing to do. If planned correctly you can get a fairly cheap getaway by going on the Eurostar to either Paris or Brussels and would give a completely different weekend experience for a fairly small outlay. 

17. Celebrate Mine & Laura's 4 Year Anniversary

We've always wanted to do something on our Anniversaries in the past few years but something always seemed to get in the way. Being in April it's always been around the Easter holidays when we have been travelling to visit family in the break from uni and earlier this year was around the time we went to Los Angeles. This year I want to make sure I set the time aside to actually do something nice together. 

18. Aim To Do Blogmas

I've noticed that quite a few bloggers complete Blogmas and I've always thought there would be no way I could ever do this many posts in a short space of time. A month or so ago I set myself the challenge that I would do it this year, and I already have a number of ideas noted down for what posts I can do. 

19. Work With More Companies & Brands

This doesn't just happen overnight and I know it requires hard work on my part to show companies that I'm worth working with. I've done a few sponsored posts in the past as well as product reviews and would like to try and expand these by getting my blog seen by more people. 

20. Start Reading & Commenting On More Blogs

Another task that I never get round to doing is actually spending time reading and commenting on blogs I enjoy. I seem to find myself spending too much time aimlessly scrolling through Facebook rather than reading an engaging with things that would actually be interesting. I'm going to try and set time aside to do this to again get this into my routine. 

21. Moving To The Next Chapter

Something I have mentioned before on here about wanting to move forward in mine and Laura's relationship. We are both happy where we are and know what we want but recognise this can't just happen so it's something we'll work towards. 

22. Expand My Photography Kit

This is something I've been doing since first getting into photography as I've upgraded my equipment as I've gone along. As much as some people might wonder why you need more than one camera or lens, it's often very difficult to buy one camera that can do everything you want, especially when your needs will change over time. 

23. Finally Get Around To Buying Box Lights

It's something I've aimed to do for a while as it would make product photography so much easier when the natural lighting conditions aren't good enough. Especially around this time of year when the lighting is getting worse it becomes more of a reason to get them. We were recently given the tripod and box for these lights, so with only needing to get the bulbs I don't really have an excuse. 

24. Expand My Wardrobe

I've always had the tendency to buy the same type of clothes and shoes and just replace them with the same products when they wear out. Now I've got a full time job I'd like to get some things that I really like and will last me rather than just another cheap t-shirt.  

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