Regrets From Uni

Sunday, 4 September 2016

It seems crazy that it's over a year ago that I graduated from uni and it got me thinking about the 3 years I spent up in Newcastle. As much as it was an amazing time there were things that I wish I'd done when I look back. There are so many different things on in uni that it's hard to find the time for everything you might want to do. I did have a part time job which took up some time that I could have spent doing something else. Thinking back to what I did in uni make me have a few regrets and what I did do, as well as what I didn't.

Exploring the city

Newcastle is such a great city that has so much to offer. I know when you go to uni there is a lot of going out involved, particularly somewhere with as good nightlife as Newcastle. This was enjoyable but it did take over seeing more of the city and surrounding areas, and it was only really my final year when I actually went to explore. People often move to another city while at uni so it's a great chance to see somewhere new. Don't let it pass you by because you may well look back and wish you'd done more while you were there. 

Modules I shouldn't have chosen

In my second and third year of the course I was able to choose certain modules to try and tailor my degree. Although there were many modules I really enjoyed and benefit me, some of them weren't as good as I initially thought. I think I was fairly sensible when deciding, but I do regret taking the odd one. Certain modules may sometimes seem like there it is slightly easier to get a better mark, whereas others may have actually proved more useful in the long run. It can also be easier to choose ones that sound good, but not always reading into the module in detail can mean it turned out a little different to what you thought. 

What I'd rather have spent my money on

Getting my student loan was rather exciting and especially in my first year I didn't really get hold of my finances like I should have and wasted too much. I did have a few expensive purchases but apart from that it would be hard to tell where a lot of my money went. For a lot of people, myself included, living away at uni was the first time I had to pay for a number of bills. Having to manage paying for all these new things was quite daunting but ended up being a big learning curve. Even though I did manage to travel a little bit while I was away at uni, I wish I'd saved more money up towards going away somewhere nice at the end of the year or something similar. 

Not assuming things about the people you meet

When you move away it can be a little scary, I know I was nervous on the first day. A lot of students will get put into a flat with people they will never have met before, and it can be easy to think this new friendship will last all the way through uni and be the best for you. You may well find out that this isn't the case, as it turned out that people from my course became much better friends to me. It did cause some issues sticking to a certain group and meant I missed out on other things I could have done. 

Actually cooked for myself more

I never really cooked for myself before I moved away so could only do basic meals. Combine this with being able to buy whatever food I wanted, it's no surprise that I lived off freezer food and takeaways. I did slowly start to learn to cook for myself, a lot of this does go down to Laura's culinary skills and patience teaching me. Takeaways also ate into (excuse the pun) my money and it was surprising how much you could save cooking nice meals for yourself. Aside from the fact that home-cooked meals are much healthier, they also taste much better than a cheap pizza from a random takeaway. 

Going to University was such as amazing experience and if you are thinking about it, I would encourage you to go as it can help with a lot more things than just your education. It's often a really good way of gaining independence which is never a bad thing. Don't let me talking about some regrets put you off, this will happen with anything you do and always helps you learn for the future. © . Theme by STS.