How My Life Could Be Different

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

I was thinking the other day about how things could be different if I'd chosen another route a few years ago, but I'm so happy with how things have turned out and I wouldn't change anything. I remember going through different years at school and having numerous ideas about what job I'd want when I grew up. I remember when I was in primary school and the only job I wanted to do was to be a binman. I had a toy truck that I always used to play with and loved watching them out the window when they came to collect the rubbish. There was a time at Christmas when I was looking at the lights and decorations with my dad and I saw a bin lorry collecting all the rubbish from the shops. After catching up with it I was made up that they let me put a box in the back and this just made me want to be a binman even more. 

Once I had moved up to secondary school I'd set myself on being a builder and wanted to leave school at 16 and go straight into this area of work. This slightly altered to a joiner and self employed handyman which I stuck with until the first year of my GCSE's. At this point I realised it wasn't going to be for me and after watching quite a few rather too many episodes of traffic cops and police interceptors I thought I'd found my new calling. In the second year of my GCSE's this went out the window and I ended up choosing to do my A-Levels ending up with ones in Maths, Geography and ICT. From starting these I had developed a real interest in working in something water related so it was at this point I chose to do Geography at Uni. Here I am now a year after I graduated and I've just started my job working for a water company.

As I was saying at the start of the post, I'm really happy with my choices and right where I want to be. It is funny to look back and see which direction I could have gone in or which job I could have been in if I'd stuck with one of my first choices. A little bit of advice here is that if you don't know what to do or keep changing your mind then not to worry. Things will work out the way you want them to if you stick at it. © . Theme by STS.