End Of Year Blog Targets

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Keep Posting Regularly

I've tried to keep a fairly consistent schedule to post around three times a week as this was achievable for me. Since starting my new job full time three weeks ago I have found it harder to be able to post this often as I had a lot less free time than I used to. Now I'm starting to get used to my new working week I want to get back on tracking with posting and want to keep this up. I'd love to be able to look in a few months and be happy with how I maintained my blog.

Increase My Following

I'd love to keep growing my following across all things blog related. I've been slowly increasing my page-views to maintain a steady level each day that I'm relatively happy with. Obviously my blog relies on my social media being able to promote my content so if I can keep growing my following across Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I know I don't currently engage enough, especially on Twitter so this is something I'm going to push myself to start doing more.

Do More Review Posts

I do quite enjoy writing review posts as it lets me think about something in more detail so I can give my views on it. I'm really into my technology and want to start reviewing more products in this area. Looking at other posts out there, I think trying out some cheap gadgets for review would definitely work and be quite fun. I'd also like do more review posts of restaurants and days out as you can get more out of it sometimes than a single product.

Improve My Photography

I think this is always something to aim for as having better photos is never going to be a bad thing. I've been into photography for quite a while now and particularly like landscape photography and nature shots. As I said in my other goal about doing more reviews, I think this is an area where I want to improve as I'm not quite as strong taking product photos so I'd aim to work on this before the end of the year.

Try Out Some Posts I've Not Done Before

Sometimes it can be quite easy to stick to the type of posts you are confident on and don't want to try writing some ideas that aren't normally your kind of thing. I think branching out into food based posts would be something to try. This could be anything from recipes up to giving my thoughts on the latest restaurant menu. It would expand my photography skills as taking quality photos of food is a different style so it would be interesting to learn and develop with this.

Do More Blog Series

I've done these kind of posts before but they have been related to TV series as a weekly catch up of the latest episode. I'm starting to do some uni related posts that are part of a series and want to try and do this with some of the other topics in my blog as it's a great way to keep content going. I think as a reader, I also like post series to keep checking back into. They are also a great way to get all the content out you want if it's too much to include in one post.

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