The Best Places For Photography In Liverpool

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

I've been into my photography for quite a while now and since moving to Liverpool last year I have managed to explore some of the best photography spots the city has to offer. There are so many great places and I've tried to include a variety so that you can shoot a range of areas. 

Albert Dock

There are a number of great areas around the Albert Dock so you won't get bored while going around it. I have found the docks work just as well at night as they do in the day, as you can see from the photo above taken of The Big Wheel. There are some other lamps and lighting around that give you some great things to include, either as the main focus of the photo or to be used as a backdrop. In the day, the dock has plenty of opportunities such as the museums, moored boats, the Liver Buildings in addition to all the restored dockland buildings.

Liverpool City Centre

There are some impressive buildings within the city centre that can make for some great photos so if you just wander around with your camera you should definitely come across some. There are a number of museums to snap as well as the famous lambananas that are dotted around the city which would make for quite a unique subject to photograph. 

Chavasse Park

This is the area on top of Liverpool One and is great to visit in the sun. Being so high up you get a great view down into the modern shopping centre and out towards the docks area on the Mersey, as well as being able to walk through a garden area to get some nice floral shots. They have seasonal events at the park such as a beach in the summer and Christmas stalls in the winter. This means you can take photos in the same place at different times of year and it will look completely different, so it's definitely a spot you can revisit.

Sefton Park

I've been here loads of times as it such a big park and there are so many areas to take photos. There is a large boating lake which gives a great view and also works if you want to set up a time-lapse. You can also capture some great shots in the evening as the sun is starting to set. It was especially good in Autumn when there were countless opportunities for colourful seasonal photos. The Palm House situated within the park houses a range of different plants and is one huge glass house which is very impressive and can provide plenty of angles and opportunities to shoot from. Covered in snow the park would once again look different so it's a great place to go back throughout the year. 

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

If you are into your architecture then there are plenty of things to explore in and around the cathedral. There are numerous stain glass windows which can make for some really bright and colourful photos. It is quite dark at some points inside, so you may need a tripod if you're going to be using a slower shutter speed. I'm not quite sure whether you can take full sized tripods in, but I used my Gorillapod as this was an ideal size.

Court Hey Park: National Wildflower Centre

I've only recently visited here even though it's not too far away in the car. There are some nice nature shots here, and with the centre being home to a range of different flowers, there are many different colours available to shoot. I think the best time to visit may be in the spring to capture the colours in the best light.

Calderstones Park

Another park that will give different opportunities across the seasons with numerous areas to explore. There is a small lake here which is a nice backdrop to make some of the photos more interesting as well as giving an area to take shots of the wildlife. There are also some small walled gardens that give some very colourful areas to shoot in the spring and summer. © . Theme by STS.