The 10 Best Shows To Watch On Netflix

Friday, 5 August 2016

I've had a Netflix account for around 4 years now so have had time to enjoy plenty of shows. The films available are sometimes a bit hit and miss, but I think Netflix has a really strong TV show library, and they constantly add new titles including some of their own Netflix Original productions. Sometimes I will finish a series and feel a little lost as to where to go next, so I thought creating this guide to what I feel some of the best shows I've watched are to give you some inspiration when you don't know what to watch next.


Seasons: 8
This is a really good crime show which is based around a police blood splatter expert being a serial killer. From being a child he always knew he was a killer and found killing criminals helped to fulfill his urges. Sounds interesting right? He searches out the criminals who are being investigated by the detectives in his department and decides to 'deal with them' himself before they are arrested to take justice into his own hands. 

Breaking Bad

Seasons: 5
This was very popular with many people when it was released yet I didn't get round to watching it until all seasons had been released. How I did this I do not know as it is such an amazing show. It did take me about half a season to get into the story line, but once I did I found it hard to stop watching it. The show is based around a chemistry teacher who gets diagnosed with terminal cancer and finds he will need to raise a large amount of money to fund his treatment. He then creates his own brand of Meth which becomes the purest on the market, although you'd expect this from someone highly qualified in chemistry. 


Seasons: 5 (only 1-4 currently on UK Netflix)
This started quite a while ago and I didn't watch it until 3 seasons had been released. It was first broadcast on Channel 4 before it came to Netflix. The show follows a CIA agent through her work and personal life and takes you along on a very intense and fast paced show. It's based around the war on terror and you get to see every gritty detail. I know there are quite a few shows around this CIA story line, but this exceeds so much better than any others I've seen before. 

Prison Break

Seasons: 4
Your first thought with this is how do they drag this story line out over 4 seasons and it not become boring? This did cross my mind but don't worry, it includes a lot of detail so that you really get to know the characters and feel part of their journey. Some of the later episodes become about what happens when the do escape and the events that occur as part of this. I didn't want this season to end and felt like I wanted it to carry on and on. Some good news is that they have recently announced season 5 so there is still more to come.

House Of Cards

Seasons: 4
This is a Netflix Original show and I was a bit skeptical as I didn't thing it would match up to others for quality and story. I was very wrong. This show it absolutely amazing and really pulls you in to the intense journey of how Kevin Spacey tries to rise to power in the White House. Even though it's a political drama, you don't have to know anything or even be interested in politics to understand or enjoy this show. It did take a little while to become engaged in the story but when I did I was properly hooked. The show has already been renewed for another season which will come out next year. 

Orange Is The New Black

Season: 4
There was quite a bit of hype about this Netflix Original show but I didn't think it looked interesting when it was first talked about. When season 4 was released and the hype started again I thought I'd give it a go. You follow the life of the main character Piper who gets convicted of a drug related crime from years ago. You get to see how she copes in the women's prison and see her serve her time on the inside. You start to learn the backgrounds of the other characters which keeps you interested as you want to learn about how everyone came to be in prison. It's quite a different show as there haven't been many out based around women's prisons. 


Seasons: 4
This is a British police drama that was first broadcast on BBC. It starts off being based on the detectives trying to solve copycat Jack The Ripper style killings and the little town becomes host to some pretty gruesome killings. As the seasons move on it steers away from Jack The Ripper themed to other copycat killings and they find more and more they need to use historical cases to solve the current ones.  


Seasons: 3
This is the modern remake of Sherlock Holmes and is of course based on the well know detective. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, you feel like you are constantly trying to discover more about him as a person while he goes on solving cases with his sidekick Watson. You get to watch the relationship between Sherlock and Watson change depending on the type of case they are working, and it's very interesting to watch how an old school detective solves cases in modern times. 


Seasons: 10
This was another BBC show that came over to Netflix. It follows Section D of MI5 and how they operate battling terrorism related events across the country. Being British, it's a bit less extreme than your typical American version. The show follows multiple characters, especially the head of Section D who plays a prominent role in the show. You get to dive into their personal lives of certain officers and watch how this plays into how they do their job. Generally on the show, each episode is based on a different event which keeps things fresh and interesting.

The Killing

Seasons: 4
Another Netflix Original that is based on a homicide detective in Seattle getting a call on her last day as a cop about a teenage girls disappearance. Let's just say she stays on for a little while longer. The story gets quite dark, yet it intrigues you to keep watching to see the case develop. As I watched I started to think of different theories about who the main suspect is, but with plenty of twists and turns it becomes very addictive to watch. © . Theme by STS.