It Was Time For A Change

Saturday, 27 August 2016

I've finally done it. I upgraded my blog design to a professional layout after pondering with the idea for ages. I had always liked the designs on pipdig and had myself set on a specific design but couldn't justify to myself why I should get one when I hadn't long been blogging. Moving to where I'm at now after blogging for nearly 2 years, it's also the time when I'm about to start my full time career which I talked about in a previous post.

I know this is going to be a big step and will leave me with less time to blog, but I didn't want this to stop me moving forward with it or mean that I'd neglect it. I thought it was finally time to treat myself so that I was really happy with how my blog looked, as this would give me another reason to make sure I keep on top of all things blogging. I know quite a few people do blog while having a full time job, so I know it's possible. I feel that in the past few months I've started to pick up my game with blogging and managed to keep a regular schedule while improving my content. I think when your heart is really in it, you seem to be able to come up with new ideas more easily and start to get really excited about future posts.

When I first started I wasn't very organised at all and struggled to come up with much to write about, but since getting myself in check I'm planning further ahead, with a substantial list of Christmas post ideas already set out to be able to do Blogmas which I never dreamt of being able to do. I know I might have rambled a little in this post, but my point I'm trying to get across is that small things can make a big difference for your blog, and it's much more of an investment towards its future as it can give you really positive steps forward. © . Theme by STS.