How To Create A Photo Gallery Wall*

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Even though I don't have my own house yet, this hasn't stopped me planning out what I'd like it to be like and what type of thing I want in the rooms. Both myself and Laura are keen to have a photo gallery wall and already seem to have it planned out what things we want on there. Well to be perfectly honest we have actually bought some of the things we want on the wall. I've found quite a lot of inspiration from Pinterest for the kinds of prints and photos as well as the layout and style of the wall.


This is going to change depending on the type of room. You need to decide on whether you want it to have prints, photos or both. Once you know this it will be easier to choose the ones you want. For a gallery wall, having different sized frames will make it look so much better and could be a good alternative to having canvases as you can always switch up whats in the frames. Don't get too hung up (excuse the pun) on where you will mount the frames as gallery walls are meant to have frames that are offset from one another. This also gives you freedom to keep adding to the wall as you wish as you're not restricted where you can put them. 


This can completely change the look of your wall, so choose carefully depending how you want it to look. One method could be to have a variety of coloured frames and just have black and white photos and prints. Alternatively you may want to stick to fairly neutral frames, such as grey's, whites and blacks and then have different coloured prints and photos. Whichever way you were to do it, you would get a really nice contrast without the gallery wall looking too random.

I'm finding myself taking photos when I'm out travelling and doing exciting things and think these would be a great addition to a gallery wall. As I've always got my iPhone with me, I often take snaps on this so have had the pain of having to transfer them to the laptop just so I can send them off to get printed. Being able to print at home directly from my phone would be perfect as it means I'm not having to wait ages for an online order to arrive. Sometimes when ordering photos online they come back cropped and not how I wanted them, so being able to control this would be ideal. This is where HP's new printer comes in, and as you can see in the video below, it would solve all of these issues and give you the freedom to print whatever you like. © . Theme by STS.