A Few Photos From Southport Pier

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Having lived in Liverpool for nearly a year now, I had wanted to take a trip up the coast to Southport to check out the area in the sun. They have a decent sized pier where you can get a nice view along the coast and see across to Blackpool if it's clear. I'd like to head up again when it's good weather to explore more of the beach and get some more shots from out on the pier and set up a time lapse with the GoPro. Here are some of my favourites from the afternoon up there.

There are some rides at Pleasure Land just behind the beach which I didn't get a chance to go on but would be on the list for next time. 

There is a small train that runs up and down the pier if you don't fancy the walk to the end, where you can find some amusements and grab some food. I know there will be more to explore in and around Southport, and would love some ideas if you have ever visited. 

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