Less Is Definitely More*

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

I have always been a fan of cars and couldn't wait to learn to drive years before I was turning 17. I had always loved going out in the car and would bombard my dad with questions about how the pedals worked and what different parts did. I had a real interest in how they worked and how the fuel you put into the car would make the wheels turn. As soon as I was 17 I had my provisional driving licence and started my lessons, I seemed to pick it up really quickly which was very much down to being keen from a young age plus the fact I already knew what everything in the car did. 

Fast forward to today when I have my own car, paying for the running of it becomes more of reality. Fuel prices are once again on the rise so it's becoming more expensive to cover the same distance, something I should think nobody is too pleased about. Channel 4 have created a short video about how Less Is Definitely More when it comes to fuel. It includes faces you might recognise, with Jamie Laing, Rachel Riley and Alex Brooker teaming up as the Reverse Engineers with the use of a mystery box to try and create a fuel efficient car in a battle to see which car can go further using the least fuel.

As I'm into my tech, I find it interesting to find out about how it's being used to help create new and innovative ways of how we can improve current practices. There are more and more engine types being rolled out nowadays, with some cars even having two different engines to help save fuel. It's very exciting to see how things are developing and the fact the in the future we could be running our cars with much less fuel than we use now, which would be a very welcome change to my wallet. To see how this reality is already being developed, have a look at the video below. Channel 4 have also got a few other videos in their web-series about Reverse Engineering and how we can make the future.

*This is a sponsored post.
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