Haywards Pickles Review

Friday, 8 July 2016

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent this range of Haywards products to try out. They produce a selection of different pickled options that can be used to help add some colour and spice to your food. I haven't always bought many pickled items before so it was nice to receive this to try out something new. They also included some little Haywards items, including a small serving dish and what I like to call the 'pickle picker', which I can see will actually come in very useful. 

Medium & Tangy Red Cabbage
This is something that could be used to be part of a coleslaw to give it a bit more colour, or even just as a side option to a meal. Another option to use this for which is something I'd be keen to try out is the Red Cabbage Pulled Pork. You can blend it up to make a paste, which combined with cider to make a really tasty marinade and help give a new flavour to your main meal. 

Sweet & Mild Whole Gherkins
These gherkins can be great to include as part of a salad to add something different to what you may normally include. Another one of the recipes that Haywards recommend is the Grilled Tuna Salad with Gherkin Dressing. I think this would be something nice to try as it gives it a nice kick to what I would normally do when having tuna. 

Sweet & Mild Sliced Beetroot
This beetroot is perfect for including with your lunch options. As you can see above it makes a nice addition to a sandwich and is ready straight from the jar to stick straight on, and being preserved in the sweet and mild vinegar makes sure it will taste fresh every time you enjoy some. I think it would also work if you included it within a salad to add some colour and flavour. 

Sweet & Mild Piccalilli
This is a sweet mix of Cauliflower, Onion and Gherkin and is good to pull out when making yourself any sandwich. I think it will be something simple to help change up a normally lunch option that may have become a little bland. Thinking more of the main meal options with this, it can be added to your curry sauce to give an alternative to the normal curry dish. I do enjoy my curries, and I'm always looking for ways to try something new so this sounds like a good option.

Medium & Tangy Silverskin Onions
These onions can instantly add that bit of tang to any plate you include them on. There are really flavoursome and will really liven up your dish. They go well as part of a cheese board or indeed a salad, but I think they would also be great for any lunch accompaniment. I think they can also be enjoyed as a tasty snack, as you can just pick a few from the jar, and this is where a dish such as the Haywards one would come in useful to just pick out some and enjoy them on their own. 

Medium & Tangy Mixed Pickle
I think this is a great option if you fancy a little bit of each of your favourites and again would be a nice little side option to a lunch sandwich or salad. It consists of Cauliflower, Gherkins, Onions and Red Pepper. It could also work well as part of a selection with the other Haywards options to create a nice healthy lunch snack.

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