Tech Talk - Which is the Favourite?

Friday, 10 June 2016

Phone: Apple or Android?

I have only ever had an iPhone and I think this is because I love the operating system and how easy the phone is to use. Having used and played on other peoples phones that run Android, I just didn't like way it was set out but that's just me! 

I was kind of expecting this as the result as a lot of people have moved over to iPhones. Especially seen as there are a lot of useful apps on iPhones, I think this sways many bloggers to move to them as it makes it easier to do blogging related things on the go. 

Laptop: Windows or Mac?

Having only ever owned a Windows laptop, you would think this would be my favourite however since I have started blogging and using the laptop for photo and video editing, I would much prefer to have a Mac as the operating system and features are much better for what I would be doing. I think the difference in price is another factor I currently don't have a Mac and is what might be a reason for others.

I was a little surprised at how many people have Macs although they are extremely popular for bloggers as it makes life a lot easier. I think the price tag of Macs will prevent some people getting them, I know I would love to have one, so I think they is why more people are still using Windows laptops. 

Console: PlayStation, Xbox or PC?

I never really got into playing games on a PC and even though I haven't owned an Xbox I've played my fair share of on both consoles. Even though there are some games on Xbox I'd like to have, there were just more games on the PlayStation that I wanted to play so this won me over when I got my PS3 6 years ago.

I know there aren't loads of votes here but I was still a little surprised at the results. For one I was expecting PlayStation and Xbox users to be more balanced as I thought they were both as popular as each other. PC takes a third of the votes which is what I'd expect as this is what a lot of people started gaming on and what serious gamers may use more. 

Camera: DSLR or something smaller?

With my dad being really into photography, he got me into this from a young age. I've owned a few different cameras in the past few years, starting with a compact film camera when I was younger. A couple of upgrades later I had my first digital compact camera and loved using it. Since then I went to my current bridge camera, a Fuji S100FS. This is around DSLR size and I much prefer having a bigger camera for taking photos and wanting to upgrade to a DSLR some time in the future, I'd have to choose this as my choice.

I think these results were to be expected as each camera has pros on cons. As much as a DSLR provides amazing photos, it will often require having more than one lens to cover different situations, and does often cost more to purchase. I think with the increase of compact high quality cameras such as the Olympus Pen, more people are choosing these as they can still produce high quality images for often a lesser price and much smaller overall design.

How much would you spend on a camera? 0 - £300, £301-£600, £600+

This will obviously depend on circumstances when I was going to buy a camera, but already having a good camera, I think I would rather save up for longer to then be able to spend more, so I think I'd go for £600+, as I would see this as an investment as I would have it for years and it would be worth spending more to upgrade in the long run, rather than spending less on a camera that is only slightly better than my Fuji S100FS

This will probably depend a lot of how into photography you are, as you wouldn't just go out and spend a big chunk of money on your first camera. This is represented in the results as the more expensive the price, the less percentage of the votes. 

What would you listen to music on the most: Earphones, Headphones or Speakers?

At the moment I'd say I use my speaker most as I don't take headphones out with me that much and when I'm at home I prefer to play music out loud. I think if I answered this last year it would definitely have been earphones as I always took my iPod into Uni while completing assignments etc.

Earphones quite clearly won this one, and I have a feeling this is because a lot of people will listen while on a commute. Often people don't want to carry big headphones around with them so may be used more at home, but I was still expecting more people to use them. Speakers still take a fair chunk of the votes, and I'm guessing this is for using at home. 

So there are some of my technology preferences and your voting results, it's really interesting to see what other people's choices are. © . Theme by STS.