Realities Of Going On Holiday With Your Girlfriend

Monday, 23 May 2016

Packing for going on holiday seems relatively simple to me, but this seems to be a different story for Laura. When I pick out my outfits, it's a case of grabbing enough to last me while I'm away compared to needing a full choice of outfits because Laura couldn't decide what she might want to wear and wanted more options. Shoes, shoes and more shoes. How many pairs of shoes could you possibly need to take with you on holiday and not have more shoes than days you are staying there.

You would have thought packing toiletries would at least be a easier task. Apparently buying travel mini items because they are 'cute' is a good enough reason to pay more for this tiny item that hardly has anything in it. Then there is the decisions of what makeup to take away. With Laura's 'slight' obsession with makeup, there is know way she could take it all away with her, so obviously she had to pick the essentials. How long does it actually take to choose which colour lipstick or which palette to take? Then it gets to choosing which brushes she will need out of the 2 pots full she has. 

So finally we are both all packed and head off to the airport, check in and get through security and start heading towards the lounge. The next thing I know, I've lost sight of Laura only to find her browsing through the makeup section of duty free. I think if there is a bargain to be had with makeup then Laura wouldn't be too far away. Bargain hunting skills have come in useful however, as it means I can often pick up some great deals when I'm we are out shopping. 

When getting ready for day out, girl's have to have what seems like a lifetime to get ready. Spending ages perfecting the makeup and hair only to stand and look into the wardrobe deciding which outfit to choose. And this of course has to be in combination with the correct shoes so when you add up all the clothes and shoes, the combinations can be very large. 

Whenever you go away somewhere abroad and they have different makeup brands this is very appealing to many girls out there. Of course, Sephora is the dream shop when it comes to makeup, so I already knew that when we were out and we saw one that she would want to go in. Although I have a sneaky suspicion she already knew where the stores would be. Of course it wasn't all makeup shops while when we go away and I get my fair share of technology and clothes shops for myself so I guess I can let her off for going into Sephora, even if we ended up going into 3 different stores!

Even though I may have spent a fair few hours in makeup shops, she actually wanted my opinion on what she was buying which showed she actually trusted me to pick what suited her. Although I'm not interested in makeup, I wouldn't change Laura's interests for the world as it's part of what makes her who she is. Have you had a similar experience going away with your significant other? If you liked this post you might also like Realities of Living with a Fashion & Beauty Blogger post. © . Theme by STS.