Pros & Cons Of Using An iPad For Blogging

Monday, 4 April 2016

Pro's & Cons's Of Using An iPad For Blogging

Having started blogging in October 2014, I seemed to just open the laptop, write out my post and hit publish. Since then, I have found other thing that help me with blogging to make it easier to write out posts and get ideas down. If you hadn't guessed already by the title, my iPad is the addition that been making blogging a little easier. Although it comes in very useful, it does have it's drawbacks. I'm going to try and cover the points I have found on both sides so you can understand whether it will be useful for you when blogging. 


The great thing about the iPad is that is has countless apps you can download to use. I did a post a while ago about the 8 Apps I Use For Blogging, so I'm not going to go through them all again. These are some of the main things I've noticed that come in very useful. 

Since doing my apps post I've added this Microsoft app to my blogging collection. This is great for creating post ideas and planning out what I'm going to put within the post. You can also add in photos or screenshots to each note that you might want to use in the post, so it keeps all the information in one place. You can create separate sections which makes organisation very easy, and the good thing is, OneNote syncs with all your devices, so I can pick up all my notes on my laptop.

Small & Light
One of the great design features of the iPad is how slim and light it is. This means you can take it anywhere with you so you can use it to create notes of your posts wherever you are, so it means you'll never miss a chance to note down your ideas when you get inspiration. The battery life is around 10 hours, but can last days if you aren't using it all the time, which means you don't have to worry about it running low while you're out. 

I've only used this a few times but it has been so easy and useful to put together short videos. Although it has only a few features compared to the full version on mac's, it's perfectly fine for basic video editing that you still want to look professional. 


As much as the iPad is very useful to use for blogging, there are certain things that mean it's hard to produce the high quality content you want without having to use a laptop/computer as well. I already said I'm not going through all the apps again, but I want to touch on a problem with the blogger app that is one of the reasons the iPad isn't perfect for blogging.

Blogger App

I really wish Google had put more work into developing this app because it has the potential to be excellent, but there are a few too many issues I have found when trying to use this for blogging. Yes, you can create text and add photos directly from the iPad photos, but the formatting just doesn't sit correctly when published and you have no option to change this or edit the html. Also, you only have the ability to add labels to the post, so there is no option for scheduling or altering the permalink. What this means is that, unless you just want a basic blog layout, then you need to use a laptop to sort out all the problems before you can even think about hitting publish.

Using Blogger on Safari

I've already got my grievances out the way with the app. I tried logging into blogger on safari and writing my post this way. All seemed to be going well, there were all the options to the right hand side for adding labels, scheduling and all the rest. I carried on writing, only to discover once you had filled the available space in the post box, it doesn't let you scroll down within blogger. This was so frustrating as I thought I had found a great way to use the iPad for blogging. I don't think this is a fault of the iPad for this issue, it must be something in the coding of Blogger that prevents it working properly. 

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