LA Packing List

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Looking at the weather forecast for Los Angeles, it's looking pretty warm over there at the moment so I'm packing hoping it will continue to be nice when I get there. I'm going to be there for 7 days but want to take enough so I still have a choice of what to wear. 

Tops - I'm going to have enough tops for 1 a day with a few spare to give me a few options. I think I'll also throw in a couple of shirts for a smarter option if we end up going out somewhere a little nicer for dinner.

Shorts - Hopefully it will be warm enough to wear shorts everyday so I'm taking a few different pairs to last me the whole week. 

Jeans - I'm hoping I won't be needing these during the day but I think it will be good to have a couple of pairs for going out anywhere in the evening when it might get a bit cooler, or places that you can't really where shorts to. 

Shoes - I'm going to want some shoes that will be comfy to wear all day so I'm opting to take my Nike Free Run's and Adidas Los Angeles trainers. I think I'll throw my Nike Janoski's in for a slightly smarter pair to wear with jeans if I wanted to. 


I want to be able to document our trip so I want to have enough kit to be able to do this without going over the top. I've also added a few things that should come in very useful along the way.

Camera - I'll be taking my Fuji S100FS that I use for all my photography. This has enough zoom range to capture anything I'll want to take photos of so will make it the best all round camera. Spare batteries will be an essential so I won't miss out on any photo opportunities. 

GoPro - I'll be using my GoPro Hero and taking a few different mounts. For general bits, I'll attach it to The Handler so I can capture what I'm doing. I'm also packing the tripod mount so I can attach it to my Gorillapod for a stable mount for filming or doing time-lapses. We may be renting a car out there so taking the suction cup may well come in useful for in car footage. The last mount I'll be packing is the Chest Mount, so I can film what we get up when I need my hands free. 

Gorillapod SLR Zoom - This is the perfect travel tripod as it's so light and adaptable, so it will be great and easy to use, and I can still carry it around all day. It can be used for my Fuji and GoPro so means I only have to have one tripod with me. 

Portable Power Bank - I bought an Anker Power Bank that can be used to charge my iPhone, iPad and GoPro. It will have enough power to do multiple charges so will come in very useful when out all day.

iPhone & iPad - My phone will come in useful as a quick option for taking photos and videos and can be used for maps to help get directions. I think the main thing I'll use the iPad for is entertainment on the plane. As the flight is around 11 hours, I downloaded some TV shows to watch to make it a bit more bearable. 

Laptop - The main reason I'm taking this is to back up the photos and videos so we don't risk losing everything we have taken. Even though my GoPro has the largest memory card it can take, it will still only hold 4-5 hours of footage, so I will have to keep moving it from the memory card onto the laptop so I have enough free space for the next day.

That's my packing list for when I go to Los Angeles. I hope this comes in useful if you are going away anywhere soon. If you liked this post you might also like my Food Places To Visit In LA and my LA Bucket List © . Theme by STS.