LA Bucket List

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Seen as it's later this month that I travel to LA, I wanted to put together a bucket list of what I wanted to explore while I was there. I've been looking around on numerous guides and watching videos on YouTube of people travelling there to get an idea of the places you have to visit. Here's my LA bucket list for all the things I'd love to see while I'm there.

Griffith Observatory

This is one of the popular places that everyone seems to visit. I think one of the reasons for this is simply the view of the city you can get from up there, so to fully appreciate the skyline I will definitely be heading up there. 

Hollywood Sign

This is an iconic part of LA and you can see it from so many areas. Yes, I could just take a photo from a distance away, but if I've got time it would like to go up and get a close up view of the famous landmark. 

Hollywood Stars

Another very touristy thing to do, but just walking down the street looking at all the different stars and take in the area would be great. I'll be picking out which stars that I definitely want to see as there so many! 

Universal Studios

These studios look amazing as you get to see some great behind the scenes sets of the big movies. I think it will be really interesting to learn how some of the films are created and see in person the sets, as well as experience some of the rides they have at the studios. 

Warner Brothers Studios

Another behind the scenes experience for huge movie company would be very interesting to see. You can also visit one of the soundstages that some of the biggest tv shows and films are created. There are sometimes filming around you when you visit so it makes for a unique experience. 

Santa Monica Pier

I've seen quite a few photos of this before and it definitely look worth a visit. There are some small rides to enjoy while taking in the spectacular views of the coastline. I'd love to go here in the evening and watch the sunset.


There are 3 main beaches I want to visit: Venice, Manhattan and Long Beach. One of the good things about LA is that it has the best of both worlds. You can be exploring around the city one minute, and head down to relax on the beach the next.

Dodgers Stadium

I think it would be amazing to go to a game, as it looks an amazing atmosphere and would be a unique experience to watch a baseball game. It might be a bit of a stretch to see a game, but I'd still like to visit the stadium to have a look around. 

LA Cathedral

I quite like looking around cathedrals just to appreciate the architecture, and the cathedral over there looks quite a modern design, very different to any I've been to before. 

Bus Tour

Like any place you visit, a bus tour is a great way to see loads of different things that you wouldn't normally be able to do. It also saves you walking around for hours trying to find the places to visit. You often get to see the most popular areas by taking a bus tour. 

Madame Tussauds 

I know they have one of these in London, but having different waxwork figures will be good to look around. It will interesting to see some of the big stars in wax form. 

Beverly Hills Shops

I mean come on, you can't go to LA without exploring some of the amazing places they have over there. There are so many malls worth visiting such as The Beverly Center, The Grove and Rodeo Drive, with so much stuff that you can't get over here.

Urban Light

This is a large scale sculpture located on the Wilshire Boulevard (down the road from our hotel). Simply put it's a huge collection of streetlamps outside the County Museum of Art, but it's much more impressive than it sounds and is a great photographic opportunity. 

Six Flags/Disneyland

They have some great theme parks in LA and I'd love to do both of these, but I just won't have time to spend two whole days out of the week in a theme park, as there are so many things to see elsewhere. I'm still not decided which to go for as they both look amazing, if you have been to either, let me know which you like in the comments.

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