Food Places To Visit In LA

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Seen as I'll be flying out to LA in just over a week, I wanted to get down a list of the food places I'd love to try. I've already done my travel LA Bucket List, so this is the food version. I have included some restaurant type places as well as more fast food options which I'm excited to try.


It looks like there are so many nice things to try from here, and the good thing is they do loads of breakfast items. I'm particularly excited for things such as the Waffles and Pancakes that can be topped with so many different things. You can even have fried chicken and Waffles!

Cheesecake Factory

I think it's quite self explanatory what this is known so I will definitely be trying out some of their well known for but don't think that's all it offers. You can get main meals from pizza, burgers, salads, steaks and more so there is plenty of choice. Another bonus is that you can take away your slice of cheesecake if you wanted to save some until later on. 

Olive Garden

This is an Italian Kitchen that includes many of the Italian favourites, including quite a few different fried options, particularly the appetizers. They offer things such Scampi Fritta, Lasagna Fritta and Crispy Risotto Bites.


I like the idea of this Mexican Grill restaurant where you can customise your meal. You get a few different meal options to choose from such as a burrito, taco or bowl. You get to pick your meat from steak, chicken or some others and then add your fillings such as rice or veg. It gets topped off with one of the many salsa's they offer, and to complete the meal you choose your side and drinks such as tortilla chips and a margarita. Although it' s a fairly small menu, I think this should mean the food they do offer should be really nice.

Taco Bell

You can probably guess by the name that they specialise in tacos but they also have a decent range of burritos. Having a scroll through the menu, I wasn't expecting the sheer amount of options they offer. There are so many different choices and all of them seem really well priced. I can't wait to try out some of their menu, the only problem will be deciding what to choose. 


I think this is what you would expect from your typical American diner. They offer things such as burgers, wraps, chicken nuggets with your normal fries and sides. This isn't to say it should be overlooked, as I've heard some good things about the food there. 

In n' Out Burger

Another fairly straightforward option here, as you know exactly what you'll be getting when you go here. I'm looking forward to trying the burgers from here and comparing they to what other places offer. They also have a 'Not So Secret Menu' where you can get things like a 4 burger stack.


If you like chicken, it looks like this is the place to go. It's the house of chicken & waffles and they have loads of choices. They do have some meals such as chicken, gravy & onions with a hot biscuit, but I think I'll be going for their more popular options such as their fried chicken and waffles, because who wouldn't like this?

Shake Shack

I think this might be more of a lunch option to grab something quick while out. They offer a selection of burgers, including a chicken option, as well as a few hot dogs. You can top this off with one of their hand-spun ones with flavours such as chocolate, salted caramel, strawberry and more. I might tempted by one of their frozen custards as the salted caramel chocolate brownie sounds amazing.

Five Guys

I've tried this one in Manchester before and was quite impressed by the burger and fries. The quality of the food was really good and although it was still fast food outlet, it did taste more restaurant like than the competitors in the UK. Even the fries tasted so much nicer that I've had before as they are actually seasoned. I'm intrigued to see whether they will taste the same over in America.

Chick a Fil A 

Another chicken diner that I would like to try out and see how it differs from the others. They have a few different types of meals that you can, such as their classic burgers, wraps or trays. These include chicken nuggets and strips and all of these can be finished off with some of their sides and milkshakes. 

So there it is, my list of the food places I'd like to try out while I'm in LA. There is so much choice so the hard part will be deciding where to go! Let me know if you know of any other places that I should add to my list. © . Theme by STS.