10 Places I'd Like To Visit Next

Saturday, 16 April 2016

I've done a similar travel post like this before of the Places I Want To Visit In The UK. This got me thinking about where else in the world I'd like to travel to.

I'd love to go here in the summer as the weather looks amazing and I really like the style of the apartments. You have the whole hillside covered in white houses looking out onto the sea, and it would be great to have one with a private pool. I think this would be good for a more relaxed type of holiday, having the option to wander around some of the villages on the island. 

Italy has also been somewhere I'd like to travel to, and Venice would be my first choice. There is so much to see here with the city full of culture giving you loads of places to explore. Wandering around the many canals and taking a ride on gondola would be a must. Even though there are so many backstreets to see, I think you could still go around at your own pace for a relaxed walk around the city. The architecture is something to indulge yourself in and would be a great photographic opportunity.

Seeing the northern lights has always been on my bucket list, and I think Iceland would be a great place to see them. Being further north with a lot less light pollution, you are going to have a much better chance to witness them. Iceland also has some great landscapes to explore, so I think renting out a car to travel around the best spots of the country would be a good option. There are some things I'd want to do such as visit the hot springs and go to do some whale watching.

I know its rather a large country but I just couldn't pin down where to go. This has been another place that has always been somewhere I'd love to go, but being so expensive it's going to be a lot of saving. I'd love to spend a few weeks over there and visit as much of the country as possible. I think I'd like to see some of the main cities but also explore some of the outback to see some of the wildlife. 

New York
Even though I'm so lucky to be going to LA soon, it doesn't mean I wouldn't want to go back to America. I think if I was able to go again, New York would be the place I'd love to go as it would be an amazing experience. You'd never be left with nothing to do, with places to visit such as Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Art Museums to name a few. There is a great variety of things to explore so there should be something to suit everyone, from wandering around Central Park to going up the Empire State building.

There is so much history to this city which would give plenty of things to take in. There are some interesting places to see such as the Jewish Memorial, Brandenburg Gate and the Reischtag Building. You read about some of these places and what they represent, but I'd like to experience it for myself to appreciate the history. If you fancied a spot of shopping they have the Alexanderplatz Mall with a huge variety of different shops to enjoy.

This would be the sunny holiday option that is a little different to your normal summer holiday. It seems like it would be a bit less touristy than some of the normal resorts you might go to so would be a nice place to go and relax in the sun. 

Rio de Janeiro
With the Olympics taking place over there later this year, it has received investment to boost the area to improve services and make it a much safer city. They have the large stretch of beach to enjoy and relax on, while also having areas in the city to explore the culture of Brazil. I'd like to head up the hillside to experience some more of the culture and get some amazing views of the city and ride up to the top of the hill in the new cable car system that has been built.

Being the capital of Spain, the city is going to be thriving with culture so there will be so much to be part of. They have quite a few parks to wander around as well as places such as the Royal Palace, Almudena Cathedral and El Rastro open market where you can delve into some souvenir and gift purchasing. I think I would go around some of the museums it has to find out more about the history. 

I went to the south of France years ago when I was in secondary school on a water sports trip, and the weather was amazing. I think there will be a good combination of things to do in the city, as you can relax in the hot weather down on the beaches or explore more of the city. There are some big landmarks to see such as the Cathedral de la Major and a number of areas around the port and harbour areas that look appealing. 

So that's my 10 places I'd like to travel to next, is there anywhere else you can recommend that I should add to my list?

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