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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Where do you host your blog? Blogger, Wordpress, Self-hosted, Other

I use blogger to host mine it seemed the most straightforward and easy to use. At the moment, blogger is completely fine for what I need as it does the coding for me and lets me arrange my blog how I want. I would like to be self-hosted one day when I've learnt more about coding so that I have more freedom with my my layout and other features.

I think this is what I expected from the results as I've seen a lot of people's blogs on Blogger. I guess the popularity for this platform is because its so easy to use which is what people would be looking for when they start up. I did get some feedback that people may want to make the switch from Blogger to WordPress because of the added features.

What do you mainly use to blog on? Desktop/iMac, Laptop/MacBook, Tablet/iPad, Phone

I mainly use a laptop as I can currently do most things I need to do for my blog such as editing photos and writing posts. I do sometimes use my iPad to write up post ideas, as well as editing short videos in iMovie. At some point in the future I would like invest in a Macbook and possibly an iMac to improve my blog and make things easier.
I think this represents the majority of bloggers as the MacBook/Laptop is much more convenient when it comes to writing posts etc. I think the price tag of the iMac would be an issue too, as I'd love to own one but its just not realistic at the moment, so this may prevent more bloggers using one.

What do you use to take your photos? DSLR, Bridge Camera, Other (e.g. Olympus Pen), Phone

I use a Fuji S100FS bridge camera to take most of my photos and it is great for what I want. It has very similar controls and settings such as a full manual option, to that of a DSLR, which lets me adjust the camera to get the photo I want. I occasionally use Laura's Olympus Pen to take some product photos, and sometimes use my GoPro for lifestyle & travel photos. 

I was a little surprised by these results as there seems to be quite a spread across the options. Looking at the answers, I don't think it fully represents bloggers as a whole, but this would require a lot more responses. It is still interesting to see from this small poll that nearly half of the people use their phone to take photos. In some ways its not that hard to believe as the quality of cameras on phones nowadays produce some impressive results. 

What type of lighting do you use when taking photos? Natural light only, Artificial light only, Both

Most of the time I only use natural light to take my photos. I used to use a desk lamp all the time, but have now found natural lighting results in much better photo quality. I will be soon getting some Softbox lights which replicate natural lighting, so I will be able to take photos at any time of the day.

I'd say this is roughly what I expected as shooting in natural light often provides good enough quality for blog photos. I think artificial lighting such as Softbox ones may seem to expensive to some, although you can get them cheaper than you may think. Another issue preventing some bloggers using Softbox lighting may be the lack of space, as these artificial lighting lamps can be quite bulky. 

It was interesting to see the responses to these blogging related polls, and I like seeing what other people use for blogging in comparison to myself. Are there any specific reasons you choose one option over another? Let me know in the comments.

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