Travel Ideas - My Preferences & Yours

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

What type of holiday would you prefer: Relaxing Beach, Busy City or Travel & Explore?
It's quite a hard one to answer as all of these holiday destinations have their appeals. Being able to chill on a beach lets me have a complete change of scenery and enjoy the hot weather. Going around a city gives you loads of stuff to see and you can get a great feel for the area. As much as I do enjoy doing these, I would have to choose Travel & Explore as my preferred holiday. I love gaining new experiences and I think travelling around numerous places is a great way to do this. I definitely want to do a road-trip at some point as this lets you see so many new things.
I was expecting quite a mixed reaction from this question, but it looks like there is a slight preference to those sunny beach holidays! 

If you were to visit America, would you rather: Tour Different Areas or Stay in One City?
Every city has so much to offer there will be plenty to keep you entertained but with my preference to travel and explore I would have to go for touring different areas. There is something about either renting a car and driving around the country, stopping off at numerous places, or renting a camper-van and doing the same is so exciting.
I think as much as the cities themselves can provide plenty of things to do, the experience of travelling around America appeals to many of you like it does me.

If you went to Australia would you rather visit: Cities, The Outback or Both?
Going to Australia is another thing that has to be on my bucket list. There are so many great places to visit and I feel like I'd need months over there to see everything I'd want to. I think for this one I'd have to combine the two options, and visit some of the main cities and then go for some exploring in the outback. The cities have some iconic landmarks and there is some great wildlife to see in the outback.
I was actually quite surprised at the result of this one, thinking more people would rather just stay in the cities, but it seems there are quite a few adventurous people out there. 

Spending a week away to relax & get away from everything: Cabin up in the countryside or Sunny Beach?
As I mentioned earlier, a beach holiday would give a complete change of scenery and gives you something you don't normally have access to. As much as this gives you a relaxing break, I'd much rather spend time completely away from normal life, which would even include a break from technology. I think being in a cabin would stop you thinking about the latest updates on social media and where the nearest WiFi spot is.  
Again, I was expecting a different result from this one, but it seems you be more inclined to stay in a cabin to have a proper break away from life.  

Do you like to have a holiday fully planned or go with the flow when you get there?
I think this might depend on what time of holiday you are going on as some won't really require that much planning if you intend to be chilling by the pool all day. I think for those trips where you are likely to be doing more things, I'd much rather plan it out. When I go to visit somewhere I'd like to make the most of my time there, so making a plan can make sure I can see and do everything I want to while away. 
Having things planned seems to be the most popular option here, but I think the type of holiday people go on will change whether they want it all set out.

Writing this post and getting all of your opinions on things has given me major wanderlust and I can't wait to go travelling now! © . Theme by STS.