I'm Starting to Feel Old

Monday, 5 October 2015

I know I'm only going to be turning 22 but as funny as it sounds I'm starting to feel a little bit old! The last big birthday you celebrate is your 21st and then your 30th is your next big milestone.

Whenever I was in school I always had a birthday milestone to look forward to as there was always something new that you would be able to do. Turning 15 and being finally able to go to the cinema to see that new action film that you were never old enough to get into. 

16 came along and I got my first part time job, which really boosted my confidence and I felt myself mature a lot and I was able to be more independent as I could rely on myself for money. As I was starting to work I was beginning my A-Levels which really made me step up and put a lot of effort into my academic work. 

The month after starting my A-Levels came my 17th birthday which of course meant I was able to start my driving lessons! I had been looking forward to driving for years and was so happy to finally start. Once I had passed my test I became even more into driving and wanted to go out all the time.

As with most 17 year olds approaching their 18th birthday, this became the most important birthday, for the main reason of being able to finally buy alcohol. Even though I was legally allowed to buy alcohol, it seem felt so weird that I was old enough to actually do it. After a few months the novelty of being able to buy it wore off and it became normal.

Turning 18 also meant that I would be going to Uni in the near future. After going through applications and open days I ended up at Northumbria University in Newcastle where I was based for the next 3 years. 

In my final year of Uni I had my 21st birthday which always seemed to be the point of turning into a fully fledged adult and meant I would be finishing Uni soon and going into the real world of full responsilbilites. 

Now I've finished Uni I do feel like a have gained a lot of experience and know that I am more than capable of renting my own place, being responsible for myself and actually being able to adult properly! 

Now I'm in my twenties I no longer have birthdays to look forward to where I can do new things or reach an important birthday. I'm now looking forward to getting my own house with Laura and settling down rather than constantly going out 'partying'. I feel like my younger years of all that type of behaviour are behind me now and although I'm only turning 22 this month, it seems like I will be 30 before I know it.

Even though the past few years seem to have flown by with so many great things happening, I'm honestly so ready to start my career and enjoy what life has to bring!

Have you had any of the same experience as me?

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