Extended Smile Halloween Look

Monday, 19 October 2015

Seen as it's getting towards that time of year when everyone is deciding what to dress up as for Halloween, I thought I would give you a cheap Halloween look that will certainly give you that scary impression. Last year I did a post on a zombie look, and the theme is similar with this one. Laura was once again kind enough to use her amazing makeup skills to create this Halloween makeup for me. 

This scary look is surprisingly easy and cheap to do and involves only a few steps. A base layer of foundation was applied to give an even skin tone and then my eyebrows were filled in darker to give a darker and more intense appearance. 

To create the extended lips of the mouth, tissue paper and eyelash glue were used and then red, black, purple and blue eyeshadow shades were used all around to give a bruised impression. Adding this inside the smile gives it a bit more depth and makes the blood look more realistic when applied.

The final stage is to apply the blood, the best way to do this is tip a small amount into a tub and use a brush to gently apply it to fill in all the gaps. Take your time with this part and apply multiple layers until you get the required finish. 

This Halloween look only required some basic makeup and fake blood and gives a really scary impression. To style the rest of the costume, I would wear a dark pair of jeans and an old white t-shirt. A quick coating of fake blood on the t-shirt will complete the outfit and you have a quick, cheap, easy and most importantly scary Halloween look!

Do you have a favourite Halloween look?

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