Bulldog Original Face Wash & Moisturiser Review

Monday, 26 October 2015

There are so many choices out there for skincare nowadays it's sometimes hard to decide which is worth investing money in. I have tried numerous products to help cleanse my skin to prevent blackheads and spots and some have worked much better than others, although a common problem is that my skin is dried out. I've not really used moisturiser as much as I probably should, but seen as its getting colder and my skin tends to get dry sometimes it seems like a good idea. After receiving these as a gift a while ago I wanted to see whether these bulldog products be the answer.

Bulldog Original Face Wash
This left my skin feeling fresh in the morning ready for the day ahead, and clean in the evenings after removing any dirt from my face. One of the important things I noticed that my skin was not dried out at all by the face wash, yet its cleansing ability was not affected. This is a product I will definitely keep using and would replace when its empty as it does exactly what I want in a daily face wash. 

Bulldog Original Moisturiser
This moisturiser can be used daily both morning and night to help prevent your skin from getting dehydrated. It works great in combination with the face wash and I use it after I have cleansed so it's applied on clean skin. You only need to apply a small amount to cover your whole face which is good for making the product last longer, especially with daily use. One key thing I noticed when using this is the lack of greasy finish on your skin when applying it, as I found some others I have used in the past gave a shiny finish. 

Both these products are cruelty free and contain natural ingredients so you can be satisfied that they won't be causing harm to animals or your skin. I would like to try out some of Bulldog's other products such as the face scrub or eye roll on.

Have you used any Bulldog products before? 

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