Blogging Wishlist

Friday, 30 October 2015

Having been blogging for a year now I have come across some equipment that could help to enhance and improve my posts. I know from reading other peoples posts that these items are very popular and definitely worth the investment. Some of them are a little expensive, but it's something I can work towards and look forward to.
Canon 700D DSLR
I already own a Fuji S100FS which I have used for blog photography so far and it produces some brilliant photos. Saying this, upgrading to an DSLR would make the photos that bit better and has some neat features such as the flip out rotating screen that would come in very useful. Like most cameras nowadays it boasts Full HD video which would be great when out filming rather than using my iPhone. Having high quality photos really makes a difference to a blog and this camera would be brilliant for that.
Softbox Lighting
As much as a good camera is important, having proper lighting is key to getting the best photos. These softbox lights give a bright white diffused light and can be used together to fully light up the area and eliminate shadows you would experience otherwise. A simple piece of kit that could make all the difference for photos, as well as being useful if I wanted to start filming blog videos.
Rode Video Microphone
I'd love to start making videos to include in lifestyle and travel posts when I could upgrade my camera, and I think that having a good quality microphone on the camera can help capture those impressive and enjoyable moments while you are filming those new experiences. I have seen loads of vloggers use these so they must be worth the money.
MacBook Pro
I currently user an Acer laptop and its been pretty good for blogging in the past year, but now I'm wanting to edit photos more often and edit my GoPro videos, having a more powerful laptop would be a welcome change. From what I have seen and heard, most bloggers swear by their MacBooks and I can definitely see why! The high quality retina display, quick processing, and photo and video editing software available would make blogging much easier and allow for better content overall.
What products do you currently use for blogging and what would you like to get? © . Theme by STS.