8 Apps I Use For Blogging

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

There are loads of apps out there and its hard to know which ones to use. I thought I would do a quick post about my favourite apps to use for blogging. Like most bloggers I use Twitter and Instagram to help promote, interact and expand my blog. These are the other apps that help me when I'm doing blogging work on my iPhone or iPad.

Layout - I know Instagram has had a recent update but the Layout app gives you more options to help improve your photos, including combining multiple photos into one image, flipping and mirroring your images. As the app is created by Instagram, which is owned by Facebook it works seamlessly when uploading to either of these apps.

PhotoMarkr - This is a basic but effective app that lets you put a watermark on your photos. You can alter the size and position of where the water mark appears and is great to stop people stealing your photos for their own use.

Canva - This is the app based version of the website and it gives you some great options for creating blog post headers. For those posts that you don't have a photo to use, it has a whole host of high quality customisable backgrounds for free, and more than you can pay a small amount for if you wish.

iMovie - I haven't used this much but it has been really useful for editing short videos and gives some basic features for both video and audio changes. It lets you export easily and seems to be a decent worthwhile version of the Macbook version.

Blogger - Obviously this relies on you have a blog in Google Blogger but it comes in very useful for creating or editing blog posts. You can't change any of the settings about the post but I use it to type out my posts and then quickly alter the settings on my laptop. Its great to use when you are out somewhere without your laptop and you get a post idea. 

Bloglovin - As many bloggers use this to follow and read other blogs they love, this app brings it to mobile so you can have fun catching up with the latest posts on the go. You can search for other blogs and follow new ones you like while keeping track of your posts and collections. 

Buffer - This is a great app to schedule your social media posts. You can schedule posts through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. You can write out your post and schedule them for specific times which is great for when you are busy at work. 

URL Shortener - Very simple and basic app that, as the name suggests, shortens URL's. This comes in very useful when you are running out of characters on your tweet or you don't want to paste a huge link into your blog or social media post.

Those of the apps I use to help me with blogging. Do you use any of them? What other apps do you have that come in useful for blogging?

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