23 Things to do Before I'm 23

Monday, 12 October 2015

Seen as I have just turned 23 I thought it would do a list of the things I want to achieve in the next year. There has been so much happened already up to this point, so these are my next aims.

1. Rent a house with Laura - we already lived in our own flat at uni but can't wait to get a house!

2. Get a full time job in something I really enjoy - I want to be happy in the job i'm doing and I'm so ready to start my career.

3. Grow my blog and online following - I'm trying to start a schedule for blogging and want to improve my blog.

4. Start making more YouTube videos for mine and Laura's channel - we recently created our channel and I want to start incorporating videos into my posts.

5. Buy a proper blog design and custom header - I have been toying with this idea for a while and I think it will be time to help improve my blog and my motivation to do more posts.

6. Travel to a country I've never been to before - I love travelling and gaining new experiences and want to visit new places.

7. Host my own dinner parties - it's not the first thing you would think 22 year old's would like to do but I love hosting people and would really enjoy doing this.

8. Get my fitness level back - I've was going to the gym through uni and want to get back into it with a regular exercise routine.

9. Have my own dog - since moving with Laura back to her parents house, I absolutely adore their dog and can't wait to get one of my own.

10. Try different foods - I want to try things I have been scared to try before and get a healthier diet overall.

11. Own a Macbook to help with blogging and photography - this would come in so useful for blogging as I'm sure many bloggers out there could vouch for. 

12. Go skydiving - I've always wanted to do this, and would jump at the chance (excuse the pun). 

13. Improve my photography skills - even in the past year I have noticed a big increase in the quality of my photos and its always a good thing to keep improving.

14. Get better at cooking - I'm slowly improving and Laura can make amazing meals so I'm picking up things from her so I can hopefully cook for her soon!

15. Start playing a sport - I have played badminton and 5-a-side football in the past and would either like to get back into one of these or take or squash.

16. Meet up with some other bloggers - although I would be nervous to do this I think it would be great to meet some bloggers out there. 

17. Visit the best sights in LA - after recently finding out me and Laura will be going to LA I want to make sure we get in all the best sites while over there. 

18. Go on a road trip in the UK - there are some great places to visit across the UK and doing a road trip would be a great way to explore them.

19. Get engaged - me and Laura both know we are committed to each other but I would love to make it official. 

20. Go to see the Northern Lights - it's such a spectacular sight to see and it would be great to go and see this in person, either up in Scotland or travel to somewhere like Norway. 

21. Start to read more novels - I have never been a great fan of reading, I only really read the Harry Potter books when I was younger but since reading a Richard Montanari crime thriller recently I was hooked on the story and want to read more of his series.

22. Climb Mount Snowdon - I have hiked in a few different areas of the UK but have never done Snowdon which is definitely on my list to do.

23. Learn SEO and HTML skills for improving my blog - I think this would come in really useful and really help boost my blog.

So these are my 23 targets to achieve before my next birthday! What goals do you want to achieve?

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