Uppercut Deluxe Men's Monster Hold*

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

I have used a number of different hair products and found some are much better than others. One problem I have often found is that the wax doesn't keep your hair where you want it for long enough, especially when things get a little warm.

The majority of the time I need wax to sweep my fringe up and slicking the rest back a little. Even only doing this, some wax has struggled to impress me with its ability to keep my hair in place. Another issue I have had is the finish of the wax being far too shiny.

This Uppercut Monster Hold seems to be the answer to all these problems. The wax has a impressive hold that lasts far longer than anything else I have used before. I think with the strength of this wax, it would have no issue keeping up any hairstyle you could throw at it.

I love the finish of the wax as it has a good balance between a matte and shiny look. The sweat resistance of the wax is one of the reasons for its long holding ability and is a welcome thing to have, especially when you need your wax to stay put on a hot club or out in the sun.

You can get this wax for £16 from Mankind and I think its worth every penny to ensure you get the hairstyle you want without worrying about how long it will last you.

Do you have similar problems keeping your hairstyle in place? Have any of you used this?

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