Men-Ü Buddy D-Tox 'Deep Clean' Clay Mask Tube*

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Like many people, I have experienced the unwanted spots and blackheads across my face and I have tried countless products to try and combat this. I have used a combination of face scrubs and washes from different brands and found some work much better than others.

This Men-U mask is designed to help reduce oily skin and shine while removing unwanted dirt from your face. Sometimes my skin can be sensitive to certain products but it seemed absolutely fine with this, and being designed from normal, combination and oily skin, this caters for a range of skin types. 

With any face mask, it needs leaving on your face to dry so it can remove the impurities, and then it is washed off. My face felt cleansed after using this without drying out my skin. It worked really well for unblocking my pores and definitely helped to prevent further spots across my skin. 

The recommended usage for this face mask is twice a week, so its not one to replace all of your current skin care products. It is however, a great additions to your daily face washes and scrubs, to be used every so often when your face is feeling like a deep clean, or to be incorporated into your current skincare routine to be used a couple of times a week. 

At only £5 from Mankind this face mask is such a great price to ensure you maintain clean skin while controlling issues with oily skin.

Does this sound like an addition to your skincare products?

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