BETWEEN - Episode 4: Love Hurts

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Chuck's authority becomes less favourable and Ronnie gets even more out of control. A darker themed episode with new episodes throwing new suspicions.

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Key Points
We see a flashback of  Ms. Symonds her birthday last year when her boyfriend proposes but then starts bleeding from the mouth and dies right in front of her. Ronnie then convinces Wiley to go hunting with him. Two kids decide to steal a car from the garage and start racing off at high speed, only to be pursued by some of Chuck's group who follow in a police car.

Mark brings his beer from the lorry into the bar after being told that the bar owner, Stacey's dad, has died, only to be confronted by the Stacey who ends up agreeing to make an arrangement to open up the bar again if they split the profits. Chuck's crew catch up with the kids after they run off from crashed car. Adam finds a cap at the scene where Lana's body was found and gets suspicions about who may have killed her. The two kids are brought back to Chuck who tries to get them to apologise, but after one of them refuses, Chuck ties him to a pole outside until he apologises, and sends a message out to the other kids in the town. Adam goes round to Ronnie and Pat's house to check out his boots to compare to the prints he found by Lana's body, but he gets interrupted as they come out the house, and Pat seems to get worried.

Trigger warning for attempted sexual assault at this point of the episode. 
After reopening the bar, people start to filter in, probably because there isn't much else to do in the town. Out hunting, Ronnie makes a move and kisses Wiley, only to be knocked back. After Chuck comes into the bar and confronts Mark and Stacey about serving under age kids, Mark puts all the blame on Stacey even though it was his idea, which ends up with Stacey being told she can't run he bar. Again, Ronnie tries to make more moves on Wiley and after trying to force himself onto her she pushes him off the hunting platform. He fakes being knocked out and when Wiley goes to check on him, he grabs her and pins her down - luckily she is saved before he can do any more damage.

Pat proves to Adam that Lana committed suicide after being mixed up with drugs, showing the suicide note, and then Adam manages to convince Chuck that Pat is innocent. After the kid strapped to the pole turns out to be diabetic and goes into shock, people don't approve of Chucks authority tactics. After sitting for drinks with Adam for her 22nd birthday, Ms. Symonds starts bleeding from the mouth of dies in the middle of the bar. The episode ends with Mark being taken back to the prison by the prison officer, yet then releases him again saying he has proven useful. She then makes a phone call after he is released and asks for intel on Adam.

Episode Thoughts
We are starting to see more of Chuck trying to enforce control over the town, wanting to live up to his dad's ways but this doesn't seem to go down well as he is getting a bit reckless. After wondering about Lana's death, its good to finally find an answer to why she died rather than dragging this on too long. I think Ronnie's true nature is really starting to show after attacking Wiley. After Ms. Symonds death, it confirms what I have been wondering about the age barrier and whether the disease would still kill you as you turn 22. I think the phone call made by the prison officer at the end of the episode really makes you want to keep watching to find out more.

That's it for this week, I hope you enjoyed it. Did you enjoy this episode and what did you think?

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